Purple Splash Rose

Large Flowered, Striped Climber

purple splash rose

Purple Splash Rose, is a uniquely different large flowered striped climber with purple and white stripes.

The medium to large flowers are a wine/purple with bright white stripes. The flowers appear in large clusters of single blooms.

These striped roses, start producing flowers the very first year! They can be quite a 'show stopper', as they produce a living 'wall of color'. Training the canes horizontally, will encourage more flower growth. Plant these on a fence, or wall, and wait for the show to begin!

Type Large Flowered Climbing Rose

Hybridizer Tom Carruth 2009

Blooms Violet Purple, with Bright White Stripes and golden stamens. Single to semi-double petals. Flowers are 3" across.

Growth Habits Tall, vigorous grower, that can reach 6’ tall, and spread 5-6', this rose is climbing, and spreading

Foliage medium green, glossy

Fragrance sweet, apple-scented

Hardy Zone 4-10

These climbing roses, are vigorous, and very free-flowering. They will produce lots of flowers, in flushes throughout the growing season. They are also very disease resistant.

These purple roses, are nice roses to cut, and they have few prickles (thorns), making cutting them easier. You will fill the vase with a few clusters!

If you like striped roses, you'll be amazed at the beautiful coloring of these.  Each one is a bit different than the next. Cooler weather brings on more stripes.

Plant them on a wall, fence, trellis, or arbor for a dramatic display.

I just love this striped rose... I planted one last year, and already had blooms on it. I can't wait until this season when it really takes off!

Update; This rose has grown like crazy this year! The canes are so healthy; and as you can see from the picture below, the flowers are beautiful! They are more crimson colored than true purple....but I love them just the same.

I planted them on this wrought iron planter that I painted white. I'll be able to train the canes in a bit of a horizontal position, weaving them across and up.

my purple splash rosePurple Splash in my Garden

Note; Try to be patient with newly planted roses, it usually takes a few seasons for them to become established, before they can produce the kind of blooms you are expecting.

The plant needs to establish a good root system before it can begin to produce growth (including flowers) above ground.

My Purple Splash rose will be a beauty for sure!

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