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Purple Colors of Roses for your Garden

purple roses

Purple roses deserve a 'Royal' spot in your garden. The color purple is associated with Grandeur and Elegance, along with royalty, as seen in the deep purple robes worn by Kings.

Many shades of purple are available from the softest shades of lavender and mauve ( considered to be very romantic, and highly sought after for wedding bouquets), to the deepest, and darkest shades of dark purple.

Primarily, purple roses stand for enchantment, or the effect of 'love at first sight'

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Purple Rose Pictures
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Burgundy Iceberg

burgundy iceburg

Another outstanding relative of the classic ‘Iceberg’ rose. This Burgundy Iceberg is not much different from its hardy, exceptionally disease-resistant ancestor, other than the deep, wine-purple hue of its very abundant blossoms. This is a compact shrub rose that is wonderful for borders, mass plantings, or to use as a single specimen. It has a pleasant, medium fragrance.

Ebb Tide Rose

ebb tide rose

This Floribunda rose has dusky deep purple buds with a lighter colored  swirling center. The buds open to display an old-fashioned flower, of an amazing dark purple color.

These are truly 'Purple Roses'

The bush grows 4 ft. x 4 ft. wide

This rose plant is not only beautiful, but disease resistant as well.

The bush is hardy zones 5-6-10

Lavender Lace Miniature Rose

lavender lace rose

This lavender (purple) miniature rose has double, fragrant flowers, that tend to do well when planted in a bit of shade. The colors will be much prettier if the plant isn't in full sun.

Plant it in a pot and tuck it beside your bench or garden chair, giving it just enough sun to flower well. (experiment by moving the pot around)

It is dwarf and vigorous, but isn't really happy in cold climates, and needs winter protection to survive frost or snow.

Midnight Blue Rose

midnight blue rose

This purple colored rose is called "Midnight" Blue, because of the deep dark velvety purple color! This lovely shrub rose is vigorous, compact, bushy, and provides novel color in the garden.

The velvety petals are cupped, with bright yellow stamens. They have an intense clove fragrance.

The flowers appear in large clusters on a compact bush.

The bush grows only 2-3 ft. It is very versatile for any landscape design, but will make an especially nice hedge of purple roses.

(they are also stunning planted beside yellow roses)

More about the Midnight Blue rose

Wild Blue Yonder Rose

wild blue yonder rose

This is a very pretty rose indeed! Each ruffled petal is a unique shade of purple-red highlighted in lavender. The sweet aroma, is that of citrus. This rose has a very generous blooming habit, and exceptional disease resistance.

Citrus,Old Rose fragrance

Height: 4 ft - 5 ft

See a better picture of Wild Blue Yonder, and learn more

More Beautiful Purple Roses

With new roses being introduced each year, you will find many roses with that purple or mauve color to them. Breeders trying to achieve the color blue (highly sought after, not yet achieved), the purple color seems to be as close to it as they can get.

Please keep in mind, that colors vary, and your computer screen may not be the best in giving you an accurate color. Colors look different in different browsers.

Below are some especially nice roses that are purple.

Baby Faurax

This Polyantha rose produces large sprays of fragrant, small, double, violet-mauve roses that open flat to reveal a yellow center.

Bushy plants grow 18' tall by 12" wide.

They are continuously covered in blooms.

Cardinal de Richelieu

A Gallica rose that has masses of fragrant, many petaled, loosely cupped flowers. The blooms are crimson shaded with lilac. They become purple globes that fade to blue-black.Bushy plants grow 3-4'

Once Blooming!

Enchanted Evening Floribunda rose

These might be among the best lavender roses ever! The ruffled blooms are full, with a darker lavender color in the center, and a silvery reverse. You'll get  plenty of candelabra style flower clusters, even late into the season. Their scent is a powerful citrus essence. Superior disease resistance and a compact, rounded habit.

Melody Parfume Grandiflora

Dark Lavender Deep plum buds mellow to silvery lavender blooms with an intoxicating aroma reminiscent of the acclaimed rose gardens of France.

Strong,Antique Rose fragrance

Plant grows to a Height: 5 ft

This Grandiflora exudes a sweet, spice-edged fragrance so intoxicating the French bottled it!

Pure Posh

A 2015 new Hybrid Tea with fragrant lavender blooms!

Disease resistant bush

Sweetness Grandiflora rose

As its name implies, Sweetness is a delectable treat for all your senses. A vigorous, healthy Grandiflora, Sweetness bursts with soft, versatile lavender color and fills your garden with clusters of high-centered hybrid tea blooms all season.

Bred from the powerfully fragrant French rose Melody Parfumée, Sweetness packs an intoxicating sweet lemon fragrance powerful enough to fill an entire garden! Sweetness is a must-have for gardeners demanding exceptional beauty coupled with superior garden performance.

This rose has not only exquisite form, but the unusual color is sure to charm and delight as well.

Fragrant Lavender Simplicity Hedge Rose

Available from Jackson and Perkins, lovely purple roses for a hedge. Fragrant Lavender Simplicity® combine vigorous growth and prolific blooming of classic Simplicity® roses with a wonderful new color and a refreshing citrus scent. Grows 4'-5'

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