Pristine Rose

Hybrid Tea Roses With the Look of Porcelain

The Pristine rose has exceptionally elegant blooms that are mother-of-pearl color, and look like they are made of porcelain.

The extra large sized flowers are blessed with a wonderful scent. The fragrance is sweet and musky. It won the top prize for fragrance in the English rose trials.

This is (THE) rose for not only cutting, but exhibiting as well. The single born flowers come on nice long stems for cutting. (Watch out for the numerous thorns)

As with most Hybrid Tea roses, Pristine is happier growing in warmer climates.

Type Modern Large Flowered Hybrid Tea

Hybridizer William A. Warriner 1978 (US)

Blooms  Porcelain Pink with a white center Flower size is 6-8" across with 30-35 petals

Foliage Deep green colored foliage with LOTS of thorns

Growth Habit Spreading, Upright, well-branched  4 1/2 by 3 1/2' Vigorous grower

Fragrance  Sweet, musky

Awards Royal National Rose Society,Fragrance Medal 1979, Portland Gold Medal 1979

Hardy Zones 7b and warmer

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The double, tea shaped flowers are creamy white with pink blush on the petal edges. The seashell pink highlights make them look not real (like porcelain).

The large sized flowers are borne mostly singly, cluster-flowered with high centers, and re-flexed bloom form.

The colors are unfading under all climate conditions.

The flowers are (almost) white, shaded pink, and have pointed, ovoid buds. This rose repeats blooms perpetually all season.

When opened out, the flowers take on a neat, imbricated shape that resembles that of a Magnolia flower. The beautiful flowers stand out well against the dense, healthy, dark green foliage.

This rose is a vigorous grower, that grows upright with plenty of branches. It is a very good repeat flowering rose bush.

New growth is a deep crimson color.

Everything about this rose is Large; The flowers, leaves, and even the thorns are extra large.

This hybrid tea rose is extremely popular; Especially in warmer climates!

Uses for this rose; Cut flower, bedding, garden, exhibition

This rose requires winter protection!

Parents: White Masterpiece x First Prize

If you live in a warm climate, and are able to grow this rose, I'd say "Pristine" is one worth growing!

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