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pretty lady rosePretty Lady

The Pretty Lady Rose, is a Floribunda that produces clusters of flowers,in a soft pink color, with deep apricot centers.

This lovely Floribunda 'Pretty Lady' rose blooms repeatedly in flushes all season.

Darker colored buds, reveal creamy white flowers, brushed light pink, and then fade to a a soft creamy white. The backs of the petals are a darker shade of apricot, with hints of peach in the shadows between the petals.

You'll get masses of lovely blush/peachy blooms from these pink rose bushes. These Floribunda roses, make an impressive display in the garden. The soft looking, scented blooms are nicely contrasted by the dark green foliage.

Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer Len Scrivens 1997

Blooms creamy white and pale apricot. Flowers are 3” across, with 20-25 petals

Growth Habits Upright, A Vigorous grower, that can reach 3-4’

Foliage medium, dark green, semi-glossy

Fragrance Medium and sweet scent

Hardy Zone 6

This disease-free Floribunda rose, is very resistant to Black spot, even in damp climates. They are perfect roses for damp English climates! The canes have lots of prickles (thorns), but they are are very healthy, and easy to grow roses.

The flowers repeat well all season, with sweetly scented, classically formed blooms. The medium to large creamy white flowers appear both singly, and in clusters of up to about 6, on a vigorous,upright bush.

The blooms remind me of a Hybrid Tea rose, but it blooms like that of a Floribunda rose.(a great combination)! Pretty Lady is intermediate between a Hybrid tea rose, and a Floribunda, and bear medium to large size flowers that appear both singly, and in clusters of up to six per cluster.

This one is a Highly Recommended Rose, that is healthy growing, vigorous, and an easy to grow rose.

This pretty rose was bred by an English amateur (Len Scrivens), who used a little known species to develop this disease free rose bush.

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