Portlandia Rose

Grow it is a Shrub or Climber

Portlandia rosePortlandia

The Portlandia rose is a beautiful blend of pink and apricot. As the picture shows, this rose has many petals! (Around 80 ) on most flowers.

The medium large, very full flowers are almost 4" across, and appear in small clusters continually throughout the growing season.

The blooms shade from apricot/cream centers to deep pink and cream on the outside petals. A very pleasing color combination!

Note; The above picture is the first one on the bush I planted just this spring, so the bush itself is not very big, and being the first rose, I know that the color will change as the bush matures.

The true color of the Portlandia rose has lots of cream shading in the center and deeper pink colored outside petals.

My first flower does not have much of a scent either, but again, this is such a beautiful rose, I am willing to be patient and see just what Portlandia can do.....

I will keep you updated on the progress of Portlandia and post more pictures.....

Type Shrub/Climber

Hybridizer John Clements 2002(United States) Introduced by Heirloom Roses

Blooms Pink blooms have an apricot center. Flowers are about 4" across

Foliage Leathery, dark green foliage

Growth Habits  Can be grown as a large shrub of around 8-10' tall by around 5 ' wide, or let it climb to about 10' -12'

Fragrance   Mild, fruity scent

Hardy zones  zones 5b-10b

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This rose can be grown as a large shrub rose, or train it on something and let it climb. I imagine either way it would be stunning!

It is also very disease resistant, something I like to consider when choosing a new rose. (Disease resistant means less problems for me)

The beautiful roses are said to make nice cut flowers for the vase, and being a perpetual bloomer, the bush will produce lots of them throughout the season..

Do you grow this rose?

If you grow Portlandia in your garden, won't you share your experience with it along with a picture if you can? Thanks!

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