Portland Roses

Old Garden Roses

Portland roses are repeat blooming Old Garden roses. They are known for growing short, stubby plants, and having short flower stalks.

Among this list of Portlands you will find some very useful OGR that unlike some of the other Old garden varieties, happily flower all season.

Prttland Rose Jacques Cartier

These roses are more compact, growing only to a height of around 3'.

They are vigorous growing bushes with short stems, making the roses appear to rest on the foliage.

Colors range from white to pink, red and purple.They do not bloom in either yellow or orange.

The Portland roses originated from natural crossings of Galllica and Damask roses. It is thought that Autumn Damask and another rose (probably Slaters Crimson China) were the parents of the first Portland. Called the 'Portland Rose' it is responsible for the whole class of roses that were developed from it.

Their short tidy growth habit make them ideal for smaller gardens.

List of Portland Roses..

Adele  Light pink, upright grower with medium to large size blooms Zone 6b and warmer

Alba Bifera Light pink, fragrant, very double, cluster flowered Zone 6b and warmer

Amadine  Medium Pink, blooms in flushes,  zones 6b -9b

Argine Light pink with darker centers Very full, cupped bloom form 6band warmer

Armide Pink with salmon pink tints Cupped to flat rosette bloom form zones 6b and warmer.

Arthur de Sansal Deep purple with purple tints. Strong scent, Full bloom form. zones 4b - 9b

Bernard Salmon pink, moderate fragrance, med-full 26-40 petals. Cupped to flat, rosette form zones 6b -9b

Coeline Dubos Bright pink with strong fragrance Medium to full bloom form zones 6b -9b

Bifera Alba White with blush shading. Medium, double, cluster flowered, strong fragrance. Grows up to 1'. zones 6b -9b

Blanc de Vibert  Cream ages to white, strong fragrance. Cupped to flat bloom form. zones 6b -9b

Buffon Light pink, very double bloom form, zones 6b and warmer.

Burke medium full, Lilac zones 6b and warmer.

Comte de Chambord Rich warm pink, large flowers with a strong, heady perfume. zones 4b and warmer

Delambre Fully double, reddish/pink blooms with a mild fragrance. zones 6b-9b.

Desdemona Carmine red with purple and pink shading. Small to medium, double, cupped to flat bloom form. Strong fragrance zones 6b -9b

Duchess of Portland  Cerise red, single to semi-double with pronounced golden stamens. Fragrant zones 4b -9b

Elvira light pink, large, semi double, cupped bloom form. Moderate fragrance zones 6b and warmer

Felicie Light pink, full, medium to large blooms. Grows 5-6' zones 4b-8b

Indigo Glowing deep purple sometimes have a thin white stripe on the petals. Strong Scent zones 6b -9b

Jacques Cartier Deep pink fading to lighter pink on edges. Very full, rosette bloom form zones 4b -9b

La Moderne Light purple/ pink, Large double blooms zones 6b-9b

Palmyre Pale pink with white outer petals, age lighter. Quartered, clustered flowered bloom form. Medium fragrance Zones 6b -9b

Rembrant Crimson/pink, small loose petals are blotched purple.

Rose de Rescht Fuchsia red with purple tints age to magenta pink. Rosette form in small upright clusters. Strong scent. zones 4b -9b

(These might be my favorite of the Portland roses!)

Rosea Semi Plena Light pink, semi-double, cupped bloom form. Moderate scent. zones 6b and warmer


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