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Polyantha Types of Roses

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Polyantha roses produce smaller rose flowers in large, tight clusters.

The Greek word for 'Many Blooms' is; Polyantha.

Some are hardy roses that can survive winters as far North as zone 5.

Their growth habit is usually short, producing mounds of sprawling, spreading rose bushes. These Polyantha type roses come in a large range of colors, from deep red, all the way to white. Colors include lots of lovely pink shades, yellow, salmon, and even orange.

The rose blooms are either doubles, with as many as 45 petals, semi-doubles, with less than 20 petals, or singles with only 5 to 7 petals.

You have to keep them dead-headed, or they will go to seed and stop producing blooms. Dead-heading, or (removing the spent blooms), keeps the plants re-blooming.

Polyantha's are usually under two feet, with clusters of cupped, one inch or slightly larger blooms.

Most of them are not fragrant.

These rose types will give you plenty of constant color in the garden.

They are similar to Floribunda roses, but have much smaller flowers, giving you generous bouquets of large, tight clusters. The rose bush is generally smaller and more spreading than the Floribunda.

These roses grow out (wide) as well as up, making them more of a shrub rose. Although there are some that will do well in colder zones, they generally fare better in warmer climates.

Below is a list, giving you some information about each one.

List of Polyantha Roses

CB=Continual Bloom

RB= Repeat Bloom

Alister Clark

Light Pink

CB  zones 4-10

2' x 3'

Anne-Marie de Montravel


RB     zones 4-9

2' x 3'

Baby Alberic


RB       zones 6-9

to 30"

Baby Faurax

Violet Mauve

CB   zone 5-9

18" tall x 12" wide

Bloomfield Abundance

Light Pink

RB  zones 4-9

3' -7'

Carol Ann



less than 2'

Cecile Brunner

Light Salmon/Pink

RB zone 5-9


China Doll


CB  6-9


Clotilde Soupert

Rose Pink to White

CB   zone6-9

18" tall 12"wide

Dick Koster

Med. Pink

RB zone 6-9

1 1/2'x2 1/2'

Deutsches Danzig

Dark pink white center



Excellenz von Schubert

Dark Carmine Red


3 1/2'

Gabrielle Privat

Dark Pink

RB  zone 6-9

18" x 2'


Intense Red


less than 2'

Heinrich Karsch

Purple/Pink white center


1 1/2 -2'

Katharina Zeimet


CB zone 5

4' x 3'

La Marne

Deep pink with white/yellow centers

CB  zone 6

4'x 2 1/2'

Leonie Lamesch

Mix of Red, Orange,Apricot,Pink



Maman Turbat

Diff. shades of Pink

CB zone 5

2 1/2'

Marie- Jeanne

White/lt. Pink


2 1/2' x 2 1/2'

Marie Pavie

Light Pink



Margo Koster



less than 2'

Mothers Day

Deep Red

Profuse Bloom


Orange Triumph

Deep Coral/Dull Pink

RB  zone 6

4 1/2' x 3'

Paul Crampel


CB zone 6


Pearl D'Or

Apricot Pink

CB zone 6

3.3" x 3.3'

Phyllis Bide

Mix of gold, apricot, red

CB zone 6

Climber to 9'



CB zone 4

5 1/2 x 4'

Snow White


less than 2'

Souvenir D'ADolphe Turc

Coral fades to Pink

CB zone 6

2' x 2 1/2'


Deep Pink

RB zone 7

2' x 3 1/2'

Sweet Chariot


RB    zone 6

2' x 2'

Sylvie Vartan

Bright Pink

RB zone 6

2.7' x 2.7'

The Fairy roseThe Fairy

The Fairy

Medium Pink

RB zone 5

2 1/2' x 4'

Wing Ding

Scarlet Red


1 1/2 x 2 1/2'


Purple/Crimson with White Center

CB zone5

3.3' x 3.3'

Yvonne Rabier

White with Yellow Center

CB   zone 5

2' x 2'

Do you grow any of these Polyantha roses?

Won't you share a picture with us?

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