Polar Star Rose

White Hybrid Tea Roses

Polar Star RosePolar Star

The Polar Star Rose, also known as 'Polerstern Rose', is a most beautiful, Hybrid Tea rose that produces gorgeous white blooms. The white, high-centered buds open to perfect, classic double blooms.

These white rose bushes are rather hardy for tea roses, and disease resistant also. It is a very popular rose. In 1985, it won "Rose of the Year" in the UK.

Flowers are barely scented, but a stand-out in the garden. Very beautiful in an (all-white) garden, or one that is viewed at night. It produces large white flowers, that stand up well in the garden, even through the rain.

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Tantau 1982

Blooms Nearly white, classic form blooms 4-5" flowers have 35 petals.

Growth Habits Bushy plants can grow 3-4'high, grows upright, tall

Foliage Medium green, glossy

Fragrance Mild, fruity

Awards Rose of the Year 1985 (UK)

Hardy Zone 6-9

The massive buds are creamy white, with a hint of yellow at the base. They open to reveal large, perfectly shaped, luminous creamy white Hybrid Tea roses.

The globular buds open slowly to show  lots of petals, that prettily reflex, making a beautiful rose. In hot weather, it will open out completely, showing the golden stamens.

This was the first Hybrid Tea Rose to win the Royal National Rose Society's 'Rose of the Year Award'.

This is a very disease resistant rose, with good winter hardiness. The bush produces flowers abundantly, all through the growing season, and unlike other Hybrid Tea's, Polar Star is never without flowers right up until late Fall.

To increase your flower production even more: In late winter,remove unproductive canes, and prune hard to an outward facing bud 8-10 inches from the ground. When the bush begins producing in the Spring, you'll be rewarded with large, showy flowers!

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