Planting Zones

planting zones

Planting zones are set by the (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture.

They developed the map, basing the zones on the lowest recorded temperatures across North America.

 Zone 11 is the warmest

the coldest is Zone 1.

Click here to view the USDA plant hardiness zone map.

The planting climate zones differ from region to region, but knowing your zone,will help you decide which roses will grow best for you.

This map will help you select roses that will survive a typical winter in your region, by telling you your growing zone.

Many are susceptible to cold, heat, drought, wind, humidity, and other extremes. You could guard your sensitive roses by planting them in protected spots and giving them extra care, but who has time for that?

It is far wiser to choose varieties that will stand up to the worst conditions your climate can be.

How Does the Zone System Work?

The Plant Hardiness zone system, classifies plants by the coldest temperature and zone they can endure. So plants rated for a range of hardiness zones can most likely survive winters in the coldest regions, and also tolerate summers in the warmest ones.

Find the Top Performing Varieties for Your Specific Region

Choose your region: Northeast Southeast Midwest Mountain States

Note: These are only suggestions as growing conditions vary from region to region.

Hot Climates

You can have a very successful rose garden in tropical, subtropical, or desert areas, if you choose the right roses.

The long growing season, gives you plenty of blooms!! The plants can get rather large though, so keep that in mind when planting!

Modern roses are NOT a good choice, because these roses like their winter dormancy. They quickly exhaust themselves in warmer climates. Two exceptions are 'Iceberg' a Floribunda, and 'Queen Elizabeth', a Grandiflora.

Generally the best choice for warm climates are;

  • Old Garden Roses
  • Hybrid Teas
  • China Roses
  • Hybrid Perpetuals
  • Shrub roses

For a List of Roses to grow: See Rose Gardening in Hot Climates.

Cold Climates

Cold climate gardeners have more of a challenge to grow roses. But take heart, it certainly can be done, if you choose the right ones!

Giving your roses a bit of protection for the winter is a great idea, if you have the time to do it! If not, you MUST chose ones that are hardy to your planting zones, in order to get them to survive the frozen winter months!

Best Roses for Northern gardens:

  • Old Garden roses except NOT- China, Noisette, Teas
  •  Centifloras and Damasks are hardy to zone 5
  • Shrub roses, especially "Knock-Out", and it's off spring "Home Run",are cold-hardy and disease resistant. (very good choice)

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