Planting a Rose Garden

Requirements for Planting Rose Bushes

roses-in-a-gardenA Garden of Roses

Planting a Rose Garden that will be enjoyed for a long time! Roses can be long lived if planted right from the start.

Roses have certain requirements that must be met to ensure that the rose bush will not only survive it's current conditions, but thrive as well.

Always take extra care when planting a rose garden, and you will be rewarded again and again for your efforts.

Site Selection when Planting a Rose Garden

Choose a site that both you and the roses can enjoy!

As long as you meet the requirements of the roses needs, plant them where;

You can enjoy them, the beauty of the flowers, fragrances etc.

Rose Needs

Sunlight is the most important! Roses LOVE sun!

Some varieties are shade tolerant. Find roses for shade here.

Good Drainage is important to roses. Although they love water, they don't like to be constantly wet.

Evaluate Your Soil Test your soil to determine the Ph and other factors. Roses need fertile, clay/loom soil rich in organic matter.

You'll find the best Soil for Roses here.

Water Lots of water, but long deep drinks, not hasty sprinklings, and not from overhead sprinklers!

Design for the Garden of Roses

How to choose a design? Rather than just planting a bunch of rose plants anywhere you have an open spot, take time to plan the garden for a more organized look.

Learn about choosing colors and about planting the roses according to their height and size.

Find some Rose Garden Plans Here.

Spacing the Roses in the Garden


Technically, roses look spectacular when grouped together in plantings of at least (three) of the same rose. When planting this way, space them a bit closer than recommended, and they will grow together to form one large (clump).

This isn't always possible when planting a rose garden, so if space or funds are an issue, plant what you have.

Rose Type


Full Grown Size

Climbing Roses

4-5' apart

Depends on variety

Hybrid Tea Roses

30-36" apart

6-10 sq.'


24-30" apart

4-6 sq.'

English Roses

36" apart

10 sq."

Miniature Roses

12-18" apart

Depends on variety

Grandiflora Roses

36-40" apart

6-12 sq."

If you are lucky enough to be planting a rose garden in a single season, you can make the job easier by preparing in advance;

  • Have the site picked out
  • The rose garden plan or design should be drawn out
  • You can measure and even dig the holes (Planting area should have already had soil amendments)
  • Have a water supply or garden hose nearby
  • Have the mulch ready

Keep the rose plants covered, (or soaking in water) until ready to plant, you don't want the roots drying out before you get them in the ground.

Planting Roses for Success

Timing is important when planting roses! Bare-root, dormant roses should be planted as early in the season as possible.

As soon as the ground thaws and is workable. (After planting, cover with a blanket of mulch to protect from extreme cold snaps and wind). You will gradually remove this as weather warms.

Planting at the Proper Depth is absolutely essential. Grafted roses have to be deep enough to protect the point of union from both cold and dryness.

The graft union should be 3-5" below the soil.

Be sure you dig a BIG planting hole!

Keep the plants well Watered.

Follow these instructions for the complete Guide to Planting Rose Bushes.

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