Plant Guides for the Northwest Region

The Best Roses to Grow in This Region

hansa rose great for northwest regionHansa Rose

Plant guides for the Northwest region, specifically the Pacific Northwest, need plant varieties that will do well in the region's generally cool maritime climate.

The Pacific Northwest region includes both the moist climate of the west side of the Cascade Mountains, and the dry eastern side of the mountains.

Includes: Washington, Oregon, Western Idaho, northern California, and parts of Montana.

Zone 8 on the Coast to zone 5 further inland.

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It is important to choose roses that are resistant to black spot and mildew.

Suggested varieties include:

  • Shrub roses
  •  Rugosa roses, will tolerate overcast days.
  •  David Austin's English roses, which are hybridized for the cool, moist English climate, are also well suited for this area.
  • Climbers, are also good choices for this region.
  • Floribunda
  • Old Garden Roses
  • Pavement Series Roses
  • David Austin's
  • Bourbons
  • Hybrid Perpetuals
  • Portlands

Ones to Avoid..

Hybrid Tea's, China's and Noisettes generally need more heat than this region provides.

Tips for Growing Roses in this Region..

  • Don't fertilize after August  in zone 8
  •  Don't fertilize after Mid to late July in zone 5
  • You should not amend the soil with Peat Moss (It retains to much water, keeping the soil too wet.
  • Stop Deadheading /no pruning after the first of October.
  • Raised Beds are a good way to plant roses in this area.
  • Own-root roses do well
  • Grafted roses that are grafted to Dr. Huey or Multi-flora rootstock do well.
  • Black spot can be a problem- choose disease resistant varieties!

Plant Guides for the Northwest Region
Top Suggested Roses..

This is a list of roses that other gardeners from this region have reported having success with. If you live in this region, and grow any of these roses, won't you share your experiences with it (good and bad), we want to hear about it, and see a picture if you have one. Submit it here.

~Celsiana~Pale Pink-Damask

~Compassion~Pink-Modern Climber

~Easy Going~Apricot -Floribunda

~Felicia~Pink Blend-Hybrid Musk


~Love Rose~Pink~Grandiflora

~Margaret Merril~Pink-Floribunda

~Stanwell Perpetual~Shell Pink- Hybrid Spinosissima

~Robusta~Scarlet Red- Hybrid Rugosa

~Rosamundi~Red&White-Hybrid Tea


~Sunset Celebration~Apricot/Pink- Hybrid Tea

~Topaz Jewel~ Pale Yellow-Rugosa

~Tournament of Roses~ Pink-Grandiflora



This list is only a guide, suggested by other gardeners in this area, you may have different suggestions, or grow a rose well that is not recommended.

I welcome your comments, and/or pictures of ones that grow well for you. Please share them with us! Submit here. Thanks!

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