Plant Guides for the Midwest Region

Choosing Roses to Grow in this Region

Southern Midwest

 Plant Guides for the Midwest Region includes: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Ohio.

This is a wide spread area,with different plant guides for many different climates zones. Some of them have some very unpredictable weather!

Hardiness zones 3-6

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The Great Plains, Northern Midwest region, and the Canadian interior have long harsh seasons.

Southern Midwest has a long growing season, once spring finally arrives for good!

  • Shrub roses
  •  Miniatures
  •  Winter hardy roses, including ones in the Explorer series, and Canadian grown varieties, are all good choices.
  • Easy Elegance roses

Roses that are grown on their own roots, are the best. Grafted roses must be protected from winter freezing.

Midwest plant guides include Hybrid Teas, as they may grow well, but they can be very demanding, and winter protection is a must! Gardeners in Minnesota that insist on growing Hybrid Teas, practice....

The Minnesota Tip..

To ensure survival of the beloved Hybrid Tea roses, (zone 3) and colder; You completely cover the tender roses.

Dig a trench extending from the roses. Prune the stems to 3 feet and gently tie them together.

As you loosen the soil around the roots, opposite the trench, you carefully tip the rose over into the trench.

Fill the trench and root area with a foot or so of soil, mounding it up, then add an additional 18 inches or so of straw or bags of dry leaves. Gradually remove layers in Spring (about mid April) as the plant starts to show signs of breaking dormancy.

Stand it back up, push soil back around roots, water thoroughly. Gardeners say all this work is worth the trouble! Some of these roses will grow up to 7 feet in a season, producing spectacular blooms!

Suggested Roses for this Region..

Betty Boop

betty boop rose

Betty Boop is a very colorful Bi-color rose.


iceberg rose

Iceberg is a very reliable white Floribunda

Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas Rose,  David Austin  English roses have breath taking yellow rose flowers and a strong fragrance.

Graham Thomas is a showy, English rose.

Hot Cocoa Rose

hot cocoa rose

Hot Cocoa Rose has a very unusual color.


sunsprite rose

Sunsprite is a constant flowering Floribunda with bright yellow blooms.

More Plant Guides for the Midwest Region suggested Roses..

Learn more about them by clicking the links.

~America~Pink- Climber

~Carefree Beauty~Rose Pink-Modern Shrub


~Elina~Light Yellow-Hybrid Tea

~Gemini~Pink-Hybrid Tea

~Gold Medal~Yellow-Hybrid Tea

~Julia Child~ Yellow-Floribunda

~Knockout~Different colored varieties-

~Moonstone~White/Pink Blend-Hybrid Tea

~Playboy~Red Blend-Floribunda

~Sally Holmes~White-Climber

~The Fairy~Pink-Polyantha

This book Jackson & Perkins Beautiful Roses Made Easy: Midwestern Edition is loaded with full color photographs and plenty of suggestions on which roses to put in your Midwestern garden!

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