Plant Guides for the Southwest and Southern California Region

Choosing Roses Hardy to This Area

Plant guides for the southwest and southern California region is a reference for choosing roses that will do well for you if you garden in this area. Use this as a guide only, conditions can vary according to temperature and area.

This area includes; Central and southern California, Nevada, Utah,western Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Generally covering USDA zones 5-10.

This area is considered prime rose growing country for good reason! The winters are mild, with warm summers.It is just what most rose varieties like, therefore nearly all varieties will flourish here if you give them what they need.

Best Varieties to Grow include...

  • Old Garden Roses
  • Miniatures
  • Minifloras
  • Shrub Roses
  • Floribunda
  • Modern Roses (growing on Dr. Huey and Fortuniana rootstock)

Tips for this Region...

  • Roses in this area need lots of water! Sometimes twice daily!(Water the roots not the foliage to prevent fungal disease)
  • Amend the soil with lots of organic material (compost)
  • Mulch well

Southern California Region..

There are three distinct climate regions in Southern California;

  • The high desert known for extreme temperature swings
  • The sunny coast (mild year round)
  • Inland areas (with moderate temps.)

This region provides a long growing (and blooming) season, typically from April through November/December.

Because there is such a wide variety of roses to choose, (all that will grow well), it is best to determine what you expect from the rose.

Example: If you want lots of flowers for picking; choose shrub roses, Floribundas, Hybrid tea's and continuous bloomers.

Don't buy a rose that will grow much larger than you need.

The Best roses to grow well in this region might be;

  • Old Garden Roses
  • Shrub Roses
  • Polyantha Roses
  • Miniatures
  • Floribunda
  • Hybrid Tea

  ~ Rust will be a problem in both coastal and inland areas,- Choose varieties resistant to this.

 ~ Pruning will increase air circulation.

 ~ Keep roses watered, especially once a week with a good long drink!

 `Fertilize once a month -beginning inb February through May, then don't fertilize during the hottest months, begin again in August through November.

Some Suggested Roses...

Julia Child

julia child rose

Yellow Floribunda

Learn more about it here.

Fourth of July Rose

fourth of july rose

Red and white striped climber

Learn more about it here

Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa rose

An unusual colored Floribunda rose

More information here

Gold Medal

gold medal rose

Grandiflora Rose of the most beautiful yellow.

Get growing information here

Marilyn Monroe

The Marilyn Monroe Rose is as exquisite, and well shaped as it's namesake. These are Hybrid Tea roses named for a Hollywood legend.

This is a 'picture perfect' Hybrid Tea rose

more about it here.

Salley Holmes

salley holmes rose

A Shrub rose that grows tall enough to become a climber!

Get information here

Plant Guides for the Southwest and Southern California Region  More Choices...

Baby Grand  - Miniature

Bees Knees - Miniature

Berries n Cream

Black Magic  ` Hybrid Tea

Gemini  - Hybrid Tea

Iceberg  Floribunda

Rose de Rescht   -Old Garden Rose

Vetrans Honor -Hybrid Tea

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