Pink Shrub Roses

pink shrub roses

Want Pink Shrub Roses that have Lots of blooms?

They include hardy shrubs, modern shrubs, and low maintenance shrub roses that are pink. Most shrub roses are reliably hardy without winter protection through zone 5.

Below you will find my favorites for Shrub roses that are the color pink.

Ballerina Rose

ballerina rose

This vigorous shrub rose can grow to 5 feet. It is very hardy. The small, delicate looking blooms appear in large clusters that simply cover the bush.

It is stunning in full bloom!

Royal Bonica

royal bonica rose

This lovely pink shrub rose has soft pink, ruffled petals, that is a proven winner. It consistently performs well in all climates.

The perfect buds begin a darker pink color, then open to a lighter pink. The bush is very impressive.

This is a super sweet shrub rose bush!

Modern Blush

modern blush rose

Beautiful old-fashioned blooms that are a peachy-pink color. Flowers are produced on an upright plant with dark green foliage.

Extremely hardy. zones 3-9

Grows 3-4feet.

Blushing Knock out

blushing knockout rose

These are carefree shrub roses that are very disease resistant, and very hardy.

They are one of the most popular roses in North America. You can't go wrong with roses from the Knockout series! They are the most popular landscape roses.

Lady Elise May

lady elise may rose

The Coral-pink semi double blooms are produced in clusters on a plant with glossy, dark green leaves, and hooked prickles (thorns)

It is very disease resistant and compact.

It grows 3 feet tall

It is a consistent performer in all climates

A prolific blooming rose!

Hardy zones 5-9

Betty Prior

betty prior pink shrub roses

The bold, medium pink colored blooms sit high a top the canes, and look like a gathering of butterflies.

The plant is very disease resistant with dark green foliage

Grows 3-5 ft.tall, 2-3 ft. wide.

Hardy zones 4-10

Pink Meidiland

pink meidland rose

Single, deep flowers with a white eye. The bush grows upright, to 4 ft. high.

Leaves are small, medium green, and glossy.

Repeat blooming

Learn more...

Belinda's Dream

belindas dream rose

Clusters of large blooms with classic tea form. They thrive in hot weather, and have a tangy, fruity scent. Relatively free from black-spot.

Medium, bushy, growing 5x4 ft. Greenish/ blue foliage.

Theresa Bugnet

theresa bugnet rose

Hybrid Rugosa shrub rose. Lilac pink buds open into double 4 inch fragrant, pinkish lilac flowers that age to pale pink.

Blooms are veined and crinkled. Blooms off and on all summer. Plants are vigorous,growing 4-6 feet. They spread readily from the underground roots.

Very hardy!

Carefree Delight

carefree delight shrub rose

Lovely! Carmine pink, with a white eye and gold stamens. It is almost always in bloom. Blooms are small, single,and clustered.

Plant is vigorous, spreading, and bushy. growing 3-4 ft.

Foliage is small, dark green, glossy, and many prickles.

It has no fragrance

Carefree Wonder Rose

carefree wonder rose

The large, bright flowers are medium pink, with a white eye, and light pink reverse.

Vigorous, bushy plant, growing to 3 ft.

A consistent performer, and very carefree. Hardy and disease resistant. Produces flowers prolifically throughout the growing season.

sharifa asma rose

Sharifa Asma

This David Austin rose, is a pale pink, fading to pinkish white. It has a very intense, fruity fragrance.

It is disease resistant, and hardy. Blooms are shallowly cupped, and have a loose rosette shape.

grows upright, bushy to 3-4 ft

nearly wild rose

Nearly Wild

These low-growing pink shrub roses, produce hundreds of single, pink blooms on a spreading yet compact plant.

Grows 2 ft. high and 2-3 ft. wide.

hardy zones 4-10

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