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Searching for Pink Rose pictures, and pictures of roses that are pink?

The soft, romantic, pink rose, is favored in wedding bouquets, and English gardens. The sweetheart buds of pink roses, mixed with baby's breath, add a sense of romance to the vase, or the garden.

By viewing photos of pink roses, you can decide which ones to add to a special bouquet, or plant in your garden. These pink rose pictures also have some important information about that rose, in case they are considered for planting.

As you can see from the images of pink roses on this page, they are available in lots of different shades of pink!

Aromatherapy Rose

aromatherapy rose

No other bloom pays more fitting tribute to the rose's rich history as a source of therapeutic essential oil. Aromatherapy produces an abundance of magnificently scented, perfect pink blossoms on long, strong stems. They make very long-lasting bouquets, perfuming the air for days.

Baby Blanket Pink Rose Picture

baby blanket rose

These pink rose pictures are from a ground cover rose that is constantly covered in soft pink blossoms! This baby needs no coddling! It is a best-selling ground cover rose for good reason.

It has a Light,Sweet fragrance

It grows to a Width: 5ft / Height: 3 ft

It has beautiful dark green foliage

Carefree Wonder

carefree wonder rose

The picture of this low grower (3ft both ways) bears a profusion of perfectly shaped, sweetheart pink, 4in Roses throughout the summer, then follows them with bright orange fruits that persist until spring. Plants of Carefree Wonder are extraordinarily rugged and carefree, never bothered by pests or weather. If you're new to Roses, this is the place to start.


ballerina rose

This pink rose bears clusters of lovely, petite blossoms that continually cover this reliable shrub. You'll enjoy its hydrangea-like flowers almost non-stop into fall. A tough, fuss free bloomer introduced in 1937.I think the blossoms are as "pretty as a picture".

5"-10" stems with light green foliage

Musk fragrance

It likes full sun, but can tolerate part shade

More pictures and photos of Pink Roses

pink promise
queen elizabeth rose

Pink Knockout Roses

You can purchase this Rose, Knock Out® Double Pink rose here for a great price!
blushing knockout
pink knockout rose

Lady Elise May Rose

lady elise may rose

The lovely coral-pink flowers are abundant. They appear on a disease resistant, and very vigorous bush, that grows to 3'.

This rose makes a lovely hedge, or border. Its unique pink color goes well with roses that are yellow.

This rose bush is always covered in flowers all through the growing season.

Bonica Rose

bonica rose

This bushy, spreading, shrub rose, can be a vigorous grower.

It has small, ruffled, soft pink blooms, with a slight fragrance.

Thrives even in harsh climates. A great rose! Learn more about the Bonica rose

New Dawn Climbing Rose

new dawn rose

This lovely blush pink, large flowered climber can grow 18-20 ft.

The soft pink flowers age to a blush white. The Hybrid tea form flowers are lovely.You don't expect to see flowers with this form on a climbing rose bush.

This one is growing on my long arbor in the center of my rose garden. It is a spectacular, very hardy rose, and one of my favorites!

Pink Promise Rose

pink promise rose

The official rose of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, this exquisite hybrid tea combines all shades of soft pink on high-centered, perfectly formed large blooms. Arising on long, elegant stems just right for cutting, these lightly fruit-scented flowers convey the essence of romance and promise hope for a cure.

Strong,Fruity fragrance

Height: 5 ft

Plant Pink Promise, and Grow for the cure with this exquisite hybrid tea!

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