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pink meidiland rosePink Meidiland

The Pink Meidiland rose is an excellent pink shrub rose that blooms continually all season until late fall.

The flowers are a deep pink color with a white center, and white petal backs. The single form flowers have attractive wavy petals, and long stamens with red filaments.

The flowers appear in clusters of 3-15.  It is best to keep the bush deadheaded, to keep the flowers coming, but it is never without flowers. Snipping off dead flowers encourages quick re-blooms on all rose plants.

This was the first of a series of Meidiland shrub roses to be introduced.

Type  Modern Shrub rose

Hybridizer Meilland France 1984

 Blooms Pink Blend Deep pink, white eye and white petal backs Single form flowers are 2 1/2" across and have 5 petals

Growth Habits  Vigorous grower, repeat blooming Can grow 5' high by 6'wide in warmer climates (smaller in colder climates)

Foliage  Mid-green colored, leathery, and shiny leaves with bronze new growth

Fragrance Light, musky fragrance

Hardy  hardy zones 4-9

This shrub rose becomes a vigorous growing, bushy rose bush with a dense covering of foliage.

It produces umbrella-like panicles with as many as 20 lightly scented blooms. The fragrance is a pleasant musky scent.

The flowers begin with pointed red buds that open to cupped blooms of medium size. The blooms are deep pink with white eyes. The colors fade as the flower ages, and luckily the petals drop cleanly from the bush.

The Pink Meidiland begins the season with a very prolific flush, and then continue to produce flowers for the rest of the season.

This rose is recommended as being ideal for roadside plantings, and for green spaces in urban developments. They also make great roses for your garden! Try planting them as as an electric colored hedge, and watch the show!

To sum up the Pink Meidiland rose; Pretty, bushy, prickly, compact, spreading, and extremely healthy growing.

The flowers stand up well in the rain, and the bees love them!

Parentage; 'Anne De Bretagne x 'Nirvana'


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