Pink Color Roses

Detailed Information about some popular Pink Roses for your Garden

pink color rosesPink Colored Roses

Do you love Pink Color Roses? I must admit that they are MY favorite color rose to plant in my garden! Pink roses are sweet, and romantic looking, and seem to blend in with just about every other color.

There are many 'shades' of pink, including the lightest blush pink to the deepest rose colored pink, and many shades of pink in between.

Here you will find some of the most favorite pink color roses with detailed information about them. Scroll down to learn more about some old time favorites as well as some of the newer introduced ones!

Discover if each one is right for your garden BEFORE you purchase and plant it!

I continue to add to this list of pink colored roses...

Popular Pink Color Roses

Abbyfield Rose

Large flowered Hybrid Tea rose

Cocker UK 1985

Deep pink to rose red very double, large, and well formed flowers with 35 petals. Slight fragrance- repeat blooming Mid green semi-glossy foliage

zones 5-9

Bushy plant is hardy.

Abraham Darby

abraham darby roseAbraham Darby Rose

English Shrub rose

Austin UK 1985

These pink color roses have very large, peachy/pink cupped flowers with a strong fragrance.

Dark green foliage, bushy growth

repeat flowering

zones 4-9

Admiral Rodney

Large Flowered Hybrid Tea

Rose pink color roses with a deeper reverse, has 45 petals.

Grown mostly for the show table.

A robust grower with large, glossy green leaves.

zones 5-9

Agatha Christie

Pink Climbing rose

Kordes Germany 1990

Large, fragrant, glowing pink blooms, with dark green and glossy foliage.

Great for walls and pillars.

zones 5-9


Large flowered climber

 Barbier France 1921

Deep pink to salmon flowers are strongly scented

Once Blooming (for about 3 weeks)

Cupped blooms appear in clusters.

zones 5-9

Alfred de Dalmas

Old Moss rose

Lafay, France 1855

Creamy white flowers are heavily overlaid with silvery pink. Flower size is around 4". Semi double pink color roses show off rich golden anthers when fully open.

Thorn-less, and tolerates shade.

Densely branched, tidy shrub grows to about 3'.

zones 4-10

Alister Clark

Polyantha rose

Newman, Austrialia 1990

Light pink, repeat flowering

short, spreading growth habit. Flowers in clusters, with no problems with disease.

zones 4-10


Old Alba

Pre 1823

Semi double,3" flowers are bright pink.

Highly scented, pink color roses are born in small clusters in mid summer.

Cut back the old wood after flowering to improve it.

zones 5-10



Armstrong, USA 1971

Pink Blend; reddish pink and cream, high centered flowers

Cut flowers are long lasting

Little to no scent

Grows tall and vigorous

zones 5-9

Bantry Bay

Large flowered Climber

McGredy, 1967

Deep rose pink, loosely double cupped flowers show their stamens as they open. Light fragrance.

Vigorous growing, free-branching with restrained growth

Great wet-weather rose!

zones 5-9

Bella Rosa


Kordes Germany 1982

Warm, rose pink with 36 petals. Continuous blooming on a low, spreading plant.

Very light scent.

zones 5-9

Blush Hip

Alba rose

pre 1846

Double, soft pink with a button center and green eye.

highly fragrant.

Once blooming.

zones 5-11


bonica roseBonica

Shrub rose

Meilland 1981

Clear, rose pink. sprays of flowers.

Neat, low mounding, spreading plant attractive even without flowers!

Hardly ever without flowers!

zones 4-9

Bow Bells

Shrub rose

David Austin 1991

Deep pink, cupped, fragrant flowers with 24 petals

Upright, bushy growth.

zones 4-9

Carefree Wonder

Carefree Wonder RoseCarefree Wonder Rose

Shrub rose

Meilland, France 1978

Rich pink, with a pale reverse, double blooms in small clusters.

Great disease resistance on a bushy, compact bush.

Great rose!

zones 3-9



Pre 1750

Pale pink semi-double, large blooms have fluted, crinkled petals.

Plants grow to 4' in all climates

strong musk fragrance


Hybrid Tea

Meilland, France 1951

Pearl, light pink, double blooms with 38 petals have a nice fragrance

Bushy rose that likes hot, dry climates


Old China rose

Lambert, Germany 1914

Large, semi double cupped blooms change from white to deep pink.

Large trusses of blooms on strong, erect stems. Plants can reach 3' and does best in partial shade.

Long lasting cut flowers.

Elizabeth Taylor

Hybrid Tea

Weddle 1985

Shocking deep pink with smoky edges 30-35 petals

Light spicy perfume

prefers warm climates

zones 6-10

First Light

Shrub rose

Marciel 1998

Pink, single flowers have 5 petals with a mass of stamens and anthers.

repeat flowering

zones 5-9

Gloire de Guilan


Hilling, UK 1949

Medium sized, fragrant flowers are cupped at first, then open flat and quartered . Rich clear pink with softer highlights.

Can grow to 6' high and wide if not pruned.

Very floriferous and tolerant of poor soils.

zones 5-9

Jens Munk

Hybrid Rugosa

Svejda, Canada 1974

Semi double, soft pink with yellow stamens, slight fragrance

vigorous, disease resistant

very hardy

zones 3-9

John Hopper

Hybrid Perpetual

Ward,UK 1862

Bright rose edged in lilac. Blooms are large, cupped, and double with a carmine center. The fragrant flowers have 70 petals.

Bushy plant grows to 4' and makes a nice hedge.

zones 5-10

Lilac Rose

Shrub rose

David Austin UK 1990

Lilac pink,blooms with 40 petals open out like big rosettes.

Strong fragrance.Blooms repeat all season on a bushy, upright plant

zones 4-9

Ma Perkins


Boerner USA 1952

Shell pink, cupped flowers are 3 1/2' across

Rich green, glossy foliage on a tall, vigorous bush

zones 5-10

Mayor of Casterbridge

Modern Shrub rose

David Austin UK 1996

Light pink, fragrant flowers are very full with 40 petals. (Old garden rose form) Borne in small clusters, with en extremely high flower production!

Light green, leathery foliage is disease resistant.

Upright growth habit, makes a nice, rounded shrub. repeat blooming.

zones 5-10

Minnie Pearl

Miniature rose

Saville, USA 1982

Light pink with darker undersides are high centered. Semi glossy foliage on a vigorous, upright plant.

zones 5-10

Pink Knockout

pink knockout rosePink Knockout Rose

Shrub rose

Radler 1999

This shrub rose is repeat blooming

Very hardy bush grows to around 4', bigger in warmer climates

semi glossy foliage

no scent

Great landscaping rose

zone 4

Queen Elizabeth


Lammerts 1954

Medium size shell pink flowers

Vigorous upright plants grow 6-10' high

Favored by many gardeners!

zones 5-10

Radio Times

Modern shrub/English rose

Austin 1994

Rose pink, double blooms with a strong fragrance.

Repeat flowering

zones 5-10

Radox Bouguet


Harkness, UK 1981

Soft pink blooms are very fragrant.

Small clusters of 1-3 flowers, are medium size, cupped and have 30 petals.

Glossy large foliage on an upright plant that is repeat flowering.

zones 4-9

Do you grow any of these roses? Won't you share a picture and your thoughts on them with us?

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