Pink Climbing Roses

pink climbing roses

Here you will find a list of Pink Climbing Roses that may be helpful in planning this specific color for your garden. This list 'puts them all in one place', making it easier to decide on certain ones you might consider growing.

You will find as much helpful information about each of the pink climbing roses that I can get on them.

Some of these climbing pink roses have links with more information and pictures!

Here are some of the more popular ones;

Pink Climbing Roses

Agatha Christie

Rich Pink

Grows: 12-15' tall

Fragrance: Light fragrance

Hardy zones; zones 5/6-9


Rose Pink color

Boerner 1949  

Grows 7-10' tall 6' wide

Petals: 60 4-5" flowers

Fragrance: Strong, (Old rose)

Hardy zone 5-10     Learn more about Aloha

Continual Bloom


Medium Pink color


Fragrance: Strong

hardy zone zones 4-10

Learn more about America Climbing Rose  (see picture)

A Shropshire Lad

Peachy Pink color

Grows to 10'

Fragrance; strong, fruity

learn more about this rose..


Soft Light Pink

Balfour 1990

Grows 10-16' tall, 6-8' wide

Petals 30& 3 1/2" flowers

Fragrance: Very Sweet

Hardy zone 5-10

Continual bloom

American Pillar

Van Fleet 1902

Carmine Pink with white centers

Grows tall- up to 20'

Fragrance: None

Hardy Zones5-9

Learn more about American Pillar rose

Once Bloomer


Pink with white stripes


Fragrance: Medium

Hardy zones 


Silvery pink with a darker pink reverse

Fragrance  Strong

Grows; Tall- use as pillar or climber

hardy zones 5-9      Learn more about this rose..

Brite Eyes

Medium pink with white centers and gold stamens

Fragrance; Light

Short canes

very disease resistant

More Pink climbing roses..

Cecile Brunner

Light, creamy pale pink color

Grows to 20'

Hardy zones 6-9

Learn more about Cecile Brunner..

Climbing Pinkie

Neyron Pink color

Grows 10-12' tall 6' wide 15 petals flowers 2" wide

Fragrance; Strong

Hardy zones 6-10


Harkness 1973

Salmon Pink color

Fragrance; Strong

Grows; Medium length 8-10'

very disease resistant

Hardy zones 5-9

Learn more about Compassion rose   (and see Picture)

Dream Weaver

Coral Pink color

Grows: Medium size grower

Fragrance; Light rose fragrance

Dr. W. Van Fleet

Van Fleet 1910

Cameo pink fading to whitish pink color

Grows 15-20' 25-30 petals, 3" flowers

Fragrance; Moderate

Once Blooming


Meilland 1992

(pictured at top of page)

Blend of pastel pinks and cream color on these pink climbing roses

Grows 8-10' tall 6' wide

Fragrance; Light

Hardy zones

First Prize

Reasoner 1976

Pink Blend, pink with a lighter silvery reverse

Large blooms have 20-30 petals

Hardy zones 6-9

Galway Bay

McGredy 1966

Deep pink color

Grows 9-12' tall, 7' wide

20& petals, flowers are 4"

Fragrance; Old rose

Hardy zones zone 5-10

Continual bloom

Gertrude Jekyll

Glowing pink color

Grows 8-10'

Fragrance; one of the most fragrant!

Hardy zones 4-8

Read more about it here....


McGredy 1965

White/ strawberry pink

Grows 8-10' tall 6' wide

20& petals, 4"bloom size

Hardy zones 5-10

Continual bloom

High Hopes

Harkness 1994

Medium pink color

Grows 10-12'

32 petals

Fragrance; Spicy, sweet, strawberry

Continual bloom

Hardy zone 5


Violet pink color

Grows 9-10' tall, 5-6' wide

Petals 70-75, 3" blooms

Fragrance; strong, sweet

Hardy zones 5-10

Repeat bloom

Jeanne LaJoie

Light pink, small flowers (miniature climber)

Grows to 10'

Hardy zones 4-11

See and learn more about Jeanne Lajoie rose...

John Davis

Svejda 1986

Medium pink color

Grows 8' tall by 6' wide

Fragrance; Moderate, spicy

Hardy zone 3-10

Repeats blooms

Read more about John Davis..


Deep Magenta pink with double bloom form

clusters of 6-8

Grows upright 8-9'

Very strong, fruity fragrance

Morning Magic

Soft shell pink with 8 petals, flowers are 3-4"

Grows 6-8'

extreme disease resistance

No fragrance

Mortimer Sackler

David Austin

Soft Pink color

Grows 10-12'

Fragrance; Fruity

New Dawn

Blush pink color

Dreer 1930

Grows 12-18' tall by 6-10' wide

Fragrance; pleasing, fresh scent

Hardy zones; zones 4-9

More about New Dawn rose..

Pearly Gates

Meyer 1999

Medium Pink color

Fragrance; Spicy/sweet

Grows 8-12'

Hardy zones 5-10

Pretty In Pink Eden

Deep Pink 70-80 petals  flowers 3- 31/2"

Grows 10-12'

Moderate fragrance

Disease resistant

Hardy to zone 5

Rosarium Uetersen

William Kordes 1977

Medium pink color

Grows 10' tall by 6' wide

Fragrance; slight

Hardy zones zone 4-10

Repeats blooms

Spectacular rose! If the name were different, it would be more widely grown! If anyone has cuttings of this rose.....I would love to have one!!!

Social Climber

Zarry 2003

Deep pink color

Grows to 6' 40 petals, 4" blooms

Fragrance; Moderate, spicy

Continual blooms

Spirit of Freedom

David Austin

Soft Pink color

Grows 8-10'

Fragrance; Strong, fruity

Repeat flowering

Summer Wine

Kordes 1985

Deep pink with red stamens and yellow eye, 5 petals

Grows 12-15'

Fragrance;slight, sweet

Continual bloom

The Generous Gardener

David Austin

Soft pink color

Grows 10-12'

Fragrance; Delicious, complex

Very disease resistant


Viking Queen

Philips 1963

Medium rose pink color

Grows 10-12' high by 8' wide

Fragrance; strong

Petals;8-10. flowers 3 1/2"

Hardy zones 4-10

William Baffin

Deep Pink semi-double

Grows 8-10'

Slight fragrance

Hardy to zone 3

Zephrine Drouhin

Bizot 1868

Cerise Pink color

Grows 8-12' 25-30 petals, 3" blooms


Thornless pink climbing roses

Repeat blooming

More about Zephrine Drouhin rose..

If you have a pink climbing rose that is not on this list, please let me know so that I can add it!

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