Pictures of Red Roses

These pictures of red roses will show you the many different 'shades' of red available in red roses.

Many people choose Red Roses as their favorite rose color. Florists will certainly agree that the most popular rose as a cut flower is the beautiful Red rose! Valentines day, Mothers Day, Anniversaries, or any special day that you want to simply say 'I love you' to someone, red roses are the first choice.

Images of Red Roses
climbing blaze rose

Used through the ages, artist's and painters have brought this beautiful flower to life. Writers have written poems and sonnets about them. Red rose images are featured in many paintings, and can be found in beautiful water colors.

A Tattoo with a red rose image is also very popular. Rose tattoo's are just as popular today as they ever were.

When growing them in the garden, I find that red colored roses are the least bothered by insects.

Even though I must admit that Pink roses are my favorite, I do grow many red ones too.

View these pictures of roses that are red to get a sense of the many different shades of red you can get in red colored roses.

It Does make a difference in your garden! Certain reds, when planted next to each other will clash! The colors don't always blend or harmonize as you would think.

If you plant red roses in your garden, it might be wiser to spread them out in the garden, planting pinks, whites and yellows beside them, or if you want a bold display of red roses, plant many of the same ones together.

Do you photograph the roses in your garden? You can turn them into some pretty special things, including personal greeting cards. The pictures of red roses make especially lovely cards!

For some Great Tips about photographing Roses (or any Flowers) take a look at how some professional advice will greatly improve your pictures of roses

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