Pictures of Gardens

Rose Garden Pictures

pictures of gardens

View these Pictures of Gardens, and get some ideas for your own garden. These rose garden pictures and other Garden Photos, might inspire you to make a new garden!

It's always nice to view pictures of other gardens. They become an inspiration to us to add or change something in our own garden, or to create a new garden.

I always take something with me when I visit a garden (a mental note) an idea of sort of something in the garden that caught my attention. It might be different colors or textures that blend well together that I might not have thought of, or the placement of a shrub, bush, or other plant.

Public gardens are a great way to acquire new garden ideas. You also get to view the roses first hand before you purchase them. You can see the colors and fragrances for yourself.

Take a look at these pictures from My garden, and photos of other gardens, and be inspired!

Pictures of Gardens (My Rose Garden)

the rose garden
the rose garden 2
pastel climbing roses

Pastel colored roses on a white arbor such as these, speak to me of Romance!

The lighter pink 'New Dawn', blend well beside the darker colored pink shade of 'Super Dorothy'.

Both are easy to grow roses that have an amazing ability to produce an abundance of flowers.

Super Dorothy produces flowers in clusters that will make a bouquet from a single stem.

New Dawn has the sweetest pink blooms that remind me of Hybrid Teas.

red climbers

Climbing, or roses with long canes can have a stunning effect in your garden.

seafoam rose
westerland rose

An unusual (but most welcomed) color on this rose. 'Westerland' is a favored rose of a different color.

The orange tones make it appear almost (Tropical) to me, like a tropical summer sunset!

Red or pink roses are everywhere, but orange roses that survive my climate are a bit harder to find.

This beauty is very hardy in my zone 5.

My Seven Sisters Rose never fails to perform!

seven sisters rose

seven sisters rose 2015Closeup look of Seven Sisters Rose Blooms

rose garden back
rose and clematis

My Super Dorothy rose is a wonderful bloomer each year, and it happily grows with the purple colored Clematis, which grows bigger, each year.

It now reaches the top of the pergola,and flowers for a very long time!

The two are perfect garden companions that bloom at the same time, which is important for the color effect.

If you grow climbing roses, you're missing out if you don't plant a Clematis with them!

purple splash roseClimbing Purple Splash rose

new dawn climber
knockout rose 2015Blooming Knockout rose

the fairy rose 2015Rose blooms on The Fairy Rose

summer garden

More Rose Garden Pictures

The following Pictures of Gardens are from the Elizabeth Park Garden. They are garden photos that I took while visiting. Note: The garden is very beautiful as you can see from the pictures. If you live near there, it is certainly worth the trip to take a visit!

Bring your camera, and a friend to enjoy the day with. But be warned: You'll likely be adding roses, or making changes to your own garden, or the very least, you'll be weeding and tidying up! It's amazing how they keep the gardens so... picture perfect!

elezibeth park roses
elezibeth park climbing red
elezibeth park white climbers
climbers with bench
elizabeth park ivy house
elizabeth park garden

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