Phyllis Bide Rose

Polyantha Climber is multicolored

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The Phyllis Bide rose is a Polyantha rose that bears full rosette shaped blooms in a mixture of pinks, salmons and yellow tones.

The buds are like small cones. The blooms come in wide clusters on short stems.

You either love the Phyllis Bide rose or you hate it!

Everyone loves the vigor, and how pretty the flowers first look as they begin to open.   They look like dainty Hybrid tea roses at this first stage. But........

They become less attractive as they open out, developing into loose, semi-double flat circles with frilly edges. The color fades quickly to a dirty white. (Especially in warmer climates)  It is best to grow these Polyantha roses in cooler climates.

This climbing, Polyantha rose is almost never without flowers. It produces blooms all through the season. (Summer through fall) This ability was not the norm for a climber back when it was introduced.

The rose blooms have only a light scent.

More about the Phyllis Bide Rose...

Type  Polyantha Climber

Hybridizer  S. Bide & Sons (1923) United Kingdom

Blooms Pale Gold with shades of Pink Blooms have 20-25 petals and are 1-2" across

Foliage Small leaves are dark green and glossy

Fragrance Only slight

Growth Habits Vigorous, upright growing, bushy habit. Grows 6-10'

Awards Royal National Rose Society Gold Medal 1924, Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993

Hardy Zones  zones 6b  - 9

This vigorous grower produces lax, arching canes that are perfect for growing on a fence, pillar or arch. You can also grow it on a wall, or use it as a weeping standard. It can be a large open shrub or small bushy climber.

You could keep it pruned to shrub height if you have a smaller garden.

The bush is prolific and produces lots of small rosette shaped blooms that are pale gold shaded in pink. The flowers come in tremendous profusion in clusters of 5-30 flowers that are sometimes followed by small reddish brown hips.

Do you grow this Rose?

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