Petals on a Rose

The Petals Shape the Rose Flower

petals on a rose

 The number of petals on a rose, determines the classification of the rose flower. The structure of a rose, known as the corolla, is made up of petals.

The petals around the rose, determine whether the rose is classified as a single, double, semi-double, or very double.

Before you choose a rose for your garden, you should consider the shapes of the flowers, along with the color, and size of the blooms.

A specific shaped rose might interest you more than another. You might want the ever-popular Hybrid Tea form flowers, or your interest might lean toward those lovely English roses. As you'll discover, the English roses have many flower shapes, from single petaled flowers, to some very full petaled beauties, and everything in-between!

Each rose,brings it's own unique beauty to the garden or the vase, so if you can't decide, plant a variety and enjoy them all!


How the Petals on a Rose, Determines its Classification

Rose flowers are classified by the number of petals on the bloom. Below is an explanation of the classification.

A single will have only one row of petals of the rose. There can be as few as 5 petals, from as many as 12.

A Semi double, has two or three rows of petals, and consists of 13 to 25 petals.

A Double, is a flower with more than 25 petals, and has three or more rows.

A Very Double,   includes many Old Garden roses, and David Austin roses with more than 60 petals.

A Full flower has 26-40 petals.

A Very Full rose, has more than 45-50 petals, in numerous rows.

A rose flower is considered Quartered when the petals open, in a way that, when viewed from above, it appears to be divided into quadrants.

petals of red knockout rose

Single Petal Rose

Red Knock out


Pelle Poiteville


Angel Face

bellepoitevine rose
angel face rose

Double Roses can be:

Double~ Semi-Double~ Double Classic~ Double Informal



Very Full

Mary Rose

lagerfield rose
petals on a rose mary rose

Shapes of Petals on a Rose

The bloom shape of the rose is the way the petals are arranged on the flower. These shapes can range from flat, to globular, to quartered.

Most rose petals are flat and broad with little curling. Some flowers are re-flexed, (edges curl under). Some rose petals are frilled, or ruffled, and in interesting patterns.

Some Examples of Flower Shapes

The following roses are good examples of each particular Bloom shape;

Flower Shape


Quartered Rosette

A Shropshire Lad

Open Cup

Scepter'd Isle

Shallow Cup

Crown Princess Margareta

Deep Cup

 Princes Alexander of Kent


Sir John Betjeman


Teasing Georgia


Gertrude Jekyll


Jude the Obscure

So you see... the petals on a rose are what makes the shape of the flower, which in turn, is the deciding factor on what shape your favorite rose is. So the next time someone asks what type of roses do you favor, think about the petals around the rose!

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