Perennial Vines

perennial vines-clematicPerennial Clematis Vines

These perennial vines are vines with flowers to grow in your garden. Learn about their needs and habits, and discover some new varieties. Vines can be problem solvers for your garden. They can quickly cover a bare spot, or soften an otherwise unsightly area.

They will provide a show of flowers and foliage while using little ground space.

Landscape Uses

Use perennial flowering vines for accent. A beautiful climbing rose or clematis will turn an uninteresting post or fence into the focal point of the garden.

Using vines with flowers will allow you to place flower color and fragrance exactly where you want it-high/low, look down on it/look up into it.

Sweet smelling vines such as roses, jasmine or honeysuckle can be grown wherever you can most appreciate them.

They can add color, or greenery on a wall or fence without blocking traffic.

Vine Support

Vines can be either Clinging vines; They attach themselves to nearby rough surfaces by rootlets that form on their stems.

These vines do best planted against masonry or stone. They will soften the appearance of a blank looking structure.

Non-clinging vines: Grown by coiling tendrils or twinning stems. They need support to wrap around. A trellis, fence, or latticework make good supports.

Suggestions to Cover an Arbor

  • Coral Vine  hardy zones-8-10
  • Bougainvillea hardy-zones 9-10
  • Boston Ivy hardy- zones 4-10
  • Wisteria  hardy -zones 5-9
  • Clematis
gardening flowers plants treesPerennial Vines and Roses

Climbing Roses make stunning perennial vines for the garden. Lady Banks rose is a long-time favorite of the old Rambler roses. It is very hardy in the southern most states. It has amazing yellow flowers that bloom on 2nd and 3rd year wood.

My purple Jackmanii Clematis happily bloom among the pink Super Dorothy roses each year.

Fast Growing Perennial Vines

These are some of the faster growing garden vines. They will give a young landscape a mature look in just a few years.

Silver Lace Vine

see description below;

clematis vine

Many of the clematis vines provide some quick cover. They are especially nice when planted with climbing roses. They come in a wide choice of colors, and can quickly turn a so-so spot into a place of beauty.

They get more spectacular with each year. There are so many now available, it's hard to keep up with the new varieties. No matter what your color choice, you are sure to find a few to your liking.

honeysuckle vine

Major Wheeler Honeysuckle is a fast growing beauty. Hummingbirds are attracted to this vine. The continuous supply of flowers keeps the little birds returning again and again. It's one of My favorites for attracting

More Flowering Vines

Carolina Yellow Jasmine is native from Virginia to Texas. It has fragrant bright yellow blossoms that blanket the vine with an open cascading affect. It has a moderate growth rate that will eventually reach 20 feet. hardy zones 7-10

angelwing jasmine vine

Angelwing Jasmine with its angelic white flowers has that unmistakable sweet fragrance that fills the garden air. This beauty blooms late Spring and Summer in California and the southern states. Grows moderately to 10-20 feet. Prune late fall after flowering or early spring before active growth begins.

passionflower vine

The Passion Flower have unique flowers that bloom from Spring through Fall. Beautiful flowers named from a religious interpretation that the distinctive flower parts are symbolic of the crucifixion of Christ.

A hardy grower that will need a sturdy framework for support. Requires heavy pruning yearly to remove old wood. hardy in zones 9-10

trumpet vine

Red Trumpet Vine is another Hummingbird and Butterfly favorite. This vine will climb 20-30 feet, giving a spectacular flower display. The funnel shaped blooms appear mid-summer to fall. This climber needs support!

More Climbing Vines

Climbing Hydrangea Can cling to any supporting surface, and frequently climbs over 50 feet. Slow to start, but once established it grows well. Dramatic clusters of showy white blossoms cover the plant by late Spring. Very hardy vine. zones 5-9

Silver Lace Vine

Profusely blooming perennial vines bears billowy, small flowers that blanket the tops of its branches. Blooms from late Summer to mid Fall. Grows rapidly 15-30 feet, and makes a quick cover. Thrives in heavy or sandy soils and requires only occasional fertilizing. zones 5-10

Blue Wisteria Gracefully cascading stems hold clusters of pea-like blossoms in early Spring. Old vines are especially appreciated for their grand size and woody, twisting trunks. This vigorous grower lives in a broad range of climate zones from the cold North and Midwest to the warmest Western states. Colors vary from clear white, pink, and shades of violet. The flowers hang in long pendulous clusters that measure from 6 inches to 4 feet, depending on the species. This vine needs a sturdy support! zones 5-9

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