Penelope Rose

Hybrid Musk Roses

The Penelope Rose, are Hybrid Musk Roses that bear sweetly fragrant roses in large clusters.

These shrub roses have remained popular since their introduction. The bush gets large, and bushy, with arching canes. Trusses of double, medium sized pink blooms open to white with a lemon center.

They are very beautiful when planted so that they drape over a wall, fence,or other structure. They also make a very nice in-formal hedge.

They are stunning, however you use them!

More information about Penelope..

Type Hybrid Musk/Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Pemberton 1924

Blooms Shell pink, aging to white with yellow centers. Double- Semi-Double Flowers are 3” across, with 18-25 petals that are slightly ruffled. Open bloom form

Growth Habits Tall, Bushy, Vigorous grower, that can reach 6’ by 6’ on arching canes.

Foliage Medium, dark green, matte, leathery

Fragrance Moderate, musky,sweet

Awards National Rose Society Gold Medal 1925

Hardy Zone zone 5-10

These disease-free Hybrid Musk roses flower continually from Summer through Fall.

They produce lovely coral-colored hips in late Fall, which are great for making Rose Hip tea, click here for the recipe.

The flowers by them-self are not as impressive as viewing the sheer beauty of the masses of flowers when the bush is in bloom. Pick large clusters to make a very pretty bouquet!

Flowers appear in dense, loose pendulous clusters with short stems. Make sure you keep them dead-headed, or you won't get the best flowering repeat later in the season.

The new foliage is a plum red color, turning to green with age.

This rose does not like to be pruned, so if growing it as a hedge, keep it in-formal.

These are generally healthy growing shrub roses that are also shade tolerant, and will even adapt to poor soils.

In hot climates, this rose will grow much larger, and is sometimes used as a climber.

The Penelope Rose is easily propagated by cuttings.(Making it easy to create your own hedge of roses. Learn how to propagate them here.

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