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The Peace Rose is the most widely planted rose in the world! This Hybrid tea rose set the standard for all modern tea roses of its century.

It is renowned for its vigor, blooms and foliage.

This rose is considered by many as the greatest rose ever bred!

It was introduced in 1939 by French breeder Francis Meilland. Because of its impressive size, and the longevity of the flowers, it was an instant success.

These Hybrid Tea types of roses, are also available in a climbing variety.

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Meilland 1945

Blooms Yellow, edged in pink flowers are 5-6" across, with 40-45 petals globular blooms are exhibition form

Growth Habits Grows vigorous, tall, upright, bushy 5-6'

Foliage large size, dark green, glossy, leathery

Fragrance slight

Awards Portland Gold medal 1944, AARS 1956, Royal National Rose Society Gold medal 1947, AARS Gold medal 1947, Golden Rose of the Hague 1965

Hardy Zone 5-9

A vigorous, upright, tall, bushy plant, that exhibits more vigor than the average bush.

Gold/orange buds, unfold to produce blossoms that are a golden yellow with pink edges, in a globular, exhibition form.

This Hybrid Tea rose grows 5-6 feet, tall, with a width from 24"- 3 feet. The large,deep green, glossy leathery foliage, is very disease resistant.

Blooms have a sweet fragrance

Makes a great cut flower with its long, sturdy stems!

This rose is hardy in zones 4-9

Some interesting history of the Peace Rose

Hybridized in France, in 1939, but not sold until almost 10 years later.

Hybridilizer, Francis Meilland sent buds to Germany, Italy, and the United States.

On Sept 3rd of that year, war broke out., which cut off Meillands communication to his distributors in other countries.

Germany called the rose 'Gloria Dei' (Glory to God)

In Italy it was named 'Gioia' (Joy)

Meillands distributor in the U.S named it 'Peace'

That summer, secretary of the American Rose Society, sent to each head of the 49 delegations to the United Nations, a single 'Peace', in a vase. Each rose was accompanied by a note: 'We hope the 'Peace' rose will influence mens thoughts for everlasting world peace.'

I think we should ALL plant a 'Peace Rose' in our garden,to remind us that world peace should never be taken for granted, and as a 'Thank You' to all our service Men & Women, who risk their lives trying to make it happen!

This is a wonderful rose, that is not only beautiful, but disease resistant, and very hardy as well. Give it a few years and it will be a nice addition to your garden. plant one today!

This rose was the first rose to be known as 'The worlds Favorite Rose', it is often referred to as 'The Rose of the Century' It received the highest national rating in the United States.

This rose marked The End of the war.

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Climbing Peace Rose

The climbing sport of this popular rose, is a wonderful soft yellow, with edges tinged with pink.

Also called "Mme A. Meilland"

These beauties, are just as double, and just as lovely.

It has good all-season bloom, but the blooms come on second-year wood only. It usually takes 2-3 years for this climber to get established and start producing lots of blooms. Plants bloom abundantly in Spring and Fall.

A vigorous grower, that reaches a height of 15- 20 feet.

Another beautiful peace rose is the Chicago Peace.

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