Paul Neyron Rose

Hybrid Perpetual Roses

paul neyron rosePaul Neyron

The Paul Neyron rose, has very beautiful flowers that are quite large. They can be up to 6" across, in favorable conditions.

Huge globular buds open to become flowers that are a deep rose-pink, with a hint of lilac, and silver on the back. The huge, cupped, ruffled flowers resemble a Peony flower. When viewed from a distance, you can easily mistake them for Peonies.

Some people refer to these beauties as 'Cabbage Roses', a name that was first given to Centifolias by the English.

The tall, upright growing bush  blooms in flushes all season.

Type Hybrid Perpetual Rose

Hybridizer Antoine Levet (France) 1869

Blooms Ruffled,, cupped, rose-pink blooms, with a hint of lilac and silver. The flowers can be up to 6” across, with more than 50 petals.

Growth Habits Vigorous grower, 4’ by 3’,Tall, upright

Foliage Large, dark,matte green,

Fragrance moderate

Hardy Zone 5-9

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These Hybrid Perpetual Roses have been popular for over 100 years. Back then, they were considered the largest rose ever known. The flowers were between 6.3-6.7" across!

This is how the color 'Neyron Pink' came to be.

The flowers on this beauty are borne on strong stems, usually singly, but sometimes in two's and three's.

The huge, magnificent blooms of these pink roses are great for cutting. The fragrance is only moderate, but the sheer beauty of the bloom alone, is enough to want to bring some inside.

These Hybrid Perpetual roses are also disease resistant, making them even more desirable.

This pink rose was named after a friend of Levet's family, who died very young.

Pruning Tips

If planting in a Cottage garden, minimal pruning is needed. Remove dead, damaged or diseased wood, and lightly prune to shape the bush.

For a Formal garden, prune shoots by 1/2 to 2/3 in late Winter.

This one is on my 'Wish List'!

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