Pat Austin Rose

English Rose

pat austin rose

The Pat Austin Rose was a color break in English roses. The copper, coral/ yellow colored blooms were far different from anything David Austin had created thus far. Until this one, his roses had muted pastel shades.

Not only is it a beautiful colored rose with unique coloring, but this English rose is fragrant as well, with a wonderful clove scent.

  This is a very attractive rose, with large, apricot/copper colored cupped flowers, with yellow stamens.There is a wonderful contrast between the coral petals, and yellow backs.

Type English Shrub Rose

Hybridizer David Austin 1995 (United Kingdom)

Growth Habits A rose bush that can grow 5’ tall, and 3 1/2 ‘wide. Slightly arching growth habit.

Blooms Bright Copper on the inside, with pale copper/yellow outside. (Some consider them Orange-red) The blooms are large, and deeply cupped. Around 50 petals

Foliage deep green foliage, disease resistant

Fragrance Strong, Fruity fragrance

Hardy zone

zones 6-10

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The loose clusters of flowers begin early in the season, and repeat all season. Generally, you can expect clusters of 3-7 flowers.

The large, heavy flowers tend to have nodding heads. The bush grows strong, with a slightly arching habit, similar to its parent 'Abraham Darby'.

This rose is very well suited in warmer areas, where it will grow larger, and benefit from some pruning in the Summer. It is a very hardy rose.

The strong, delicious fragrance is tea-scented with a warm, sensuous background.They are a wonderful tea/clove fragrance.

The rose Pat Austin, must have been very special to David Austin, because he named it after his wife. She was an accomplished sculptress, and their garden at Albrighton was designed around her beautiful sculptures.

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