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outta the blue roseOutta The Blue

Outta the Blue Rose is a shrub rose that has magnificent rich magenta blooms.

This unusual colored rose bush has many 'blue' hues, that are more 'purplish/pink' than blue. The beautiful flowers appear in large clusters all season long.

The unusual colored flowers have that old-fashioned look, with lovely gold stamens. A wonderful, intense fragrance on this unique rose.

Type Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Carruth 2000

Blooms Magenta/Pink colored blooms with a yellow base and reverse. Flowers are 4 1/2" across, with 40-50 petals.

Growth Habits A spreading, very vigorous growing plant grows upright 4-6'

Foliage Foliage is medium size, dark green, semi glossy to glossy

Fragrance Very Intense fragrance is Clove, Spicy

Hardy Zone 6-9

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These shrub roses have a magenta/pink blend that start out in a deeper shade, and then fade to lighter shades of a lavender/blue color. (Beautiful, and unique rose color!)

The name may be misleading to some.... There are No Blue Roses and this one is certainly not the color 'Blue' but more of a purplish/pink. I consider it a very beautiful rose, but not 'Blue'!

Different climates will have different color hues, as well as different affects on the fragrance.

The 'Outta the blue' bush puts on a wonderful multi-colored display in the garden, as the flowers open and fade to different colors.

This prolific rose bush has very double, scalloped flowers.

Clusters of old-fashioned, very fragrant flowers cover the bush in flushes all throughout the season. This rose is super vigorous, as well as very disease resistant.(It could have a problem with Black Spot)

Use in beds, for borders, and they even make great cut flowers.

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