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outdoor wedding ideas

When considering outdoor wedding ideas, there are many things to think about. Yes, an outdoor wedding can be very romantic and scenic, but we never know what Mother nature has in store for us.

With that said, and your willingness to deal with the situation, here are my garden wedding ideas and suggestions for a well thought out wedding:

The Perfect Spot

If you're considering ideas for an outdoor wedding, you probably have a garden in mind. (parent, friend or relative)

It doesn't have to be to extensive, but planning the wedding date when the flowers are at peak bloom time would make for a prettier setting.

Consider which flowers are most important to you, and plan the date for that time. Most roses bloom all season, but some have that one grand flush in early summer, so if the once bloomers are the ones in your intended garden, I'd plan the date for their expected flush of bloom!

Time of Day for Outdoor Wedding Ideas

This is Important!

Planning an Early Morning wedding could be less agreeable. The temperature could be cool, and grass could be wet from dew. You also have less time to prepare.

Afternoon weddings, although very festive, could also get very HOT, and sticky.

An Evening/Sunset wedding is very romantic indeed, but remember to keep in mind the direction of the setting sun, so that your guests aren't sitting with the sun in their eyes.

Who will Perform the Ceremony?

You will need someone licensed to perform the ceremony. Keep in mind that some officiants will only perform wedding ceremony's inside a house of worship.

Beautiful Place to say "I DO"

If there is a gazebo or archway in the garden great! If not, don't despair, you can always rent one. It is not absolutely necessary, but it does add to the mood.

Ideas to decorate a gazebo or arch:

String with white lights

Use real or silk flowers around columns, tying in place with satin ribbon.

Drape with tulle, and large bows

rose fountain garden wedding ideas

Decorations for Outdoor Weddings

outdoor wedding decorations

Cover the bushes in the garden with lights (for evening weddings)

Lots of ribbons to flutter in the breezes, tied to lamp posts etc.

Urns overflowing with garden flowers and greenery.

Use table cloths in colors of the wedding. Also covering the chairs in cloth give it a formal look.

Candles are very nice for an evening wedding, but can be a bit tricky if the weather is the least bit windy.

Don't try using tall candelabras, they could easily blow over in the wind!

*hint Cover the candles with clear glass hurricanes. They should be taller than the candle.

Rose Petals

Decorating with rose petals can be fun! If you grow your own, great.. if not, and you will have to purchase them.

Dried Hydrangea Wreath

If you have a late summer/fall wedding planned. this beautiful wreath is made from dried hydrangea flowers and roses.

It is super easy to make! You'll find my step by step instructions to this Dried Hydrangea Wreath for yourself.

More tips to great outdoor wedding ideas

* Be sure guests know that they will be attending an outside wedding, so that they can dress accordingly.

* Be prepared for bug control- You could spray the area in advance, and have bug spray on hand

* Some sunblock on hand is a good idea for day weddings

* Be Prepared! Rent a Tent, 'Just in case'

* Have trash receptacles throughout the area. It makes for easy disposal of napkins and/or plates that might get blown around in a wind.

*For night/evening weddings; make sure the path to the restroom is well lit.

Favors for Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Give your guests something memorable from your wedding. My outdoor wedding ideas include a wedding 'favor' to say 'thank you' for sharing this very special day with us!

There is an endless array of favors to give to your guests. Make yours unique. Find something that ties into your special wedding theme.

Food for Outdoor Wedding Ideas

You'll need to think about food when your thinking about outdoor weddings.

You could keep it simple and 'do it yourself', serving finger sandwiches, and simple flavors, or hire a caterer who will come prepared with all that is needed.

Serve food that doesn't need refrigeration, and offer plenty of iced drinks.

Cake for an Outdoor Wedding

wedding cake

The wedding cake should be made with fondant icing, and not butter-cream frosting! Because of the warm weather, it will hold up better. And NO Ice cream or Mousse cake!

Sprinkle some rose petals (in the color of your wedding colors) around the cake for added decoration.

Sprays of roses or flowers on the cake table is also nice.

Beverages for Outdoor Wedding

Be sure to consider the beverages as part of your outdoor wedding ideas.

*You could set up a make-shift bar to serve beverages from. Having someone there to "tend" the bar would be helpful.

* Galvanized tubs filled with ice will hold contained beverages, keeping them cold.

* Fill a Punch bowl with your favorite punch. Make ice cubes with flowers frozen in the ice to float on top. (To make, simply put an edible flower in each cube of the ice tray, fill with water, and freeze)

Attire for the Outdoor Wedding

Because these are 'outdoor wedding ideas' you'll have to consider the fact that under your feet will be grass, or possibly sand.

You will also be outside, and exposed to the elements which could include lots of sun, and rather warm weather, unexpected rain, or even weather that's a bit chilly.

If you would like information on how to find, choose and buy your perfect wedding dress then check out this site for the perfect-wedding-dress-finder

  •  Choose light fabrics ( for warmer climates)
  •  Keep hemlines just a bit shorter to avoid them dragging on the ground
  •  Shoes Shoes with high pointy heels will make walking miserable! (they sink into the grass and/or sand)Better to choose ones with flat heels or sandals.
  •  Veil A veil made of a heavier material such as chiffon, would not blow around quite as much in the wind.

Decorations of pearls or beads on the edges or bottom would also help to weigh it down a bit.

  • If you are having an old-fashioned wedding, with a Victorian flair, you might consider one of those lovely lacy fans for the bride, and also one for each of the bridesmaids. This could come in really handy if the weather gets steamy, not to mention the fact that they are quite elegant looking! ( I was a brides-maid in a Sept. wedding that was expected to be on the cooler side... not so, the thermometer inched up to 95 degrees! we were fanning ourselves with anything we had in our hands!)


  The music played at your wedding is actually a very important part of the wedding. The songs you choose should be heartfelt songs that have special meaning to you, or other close family members.

The traditional songs such as: the Father/Daughter Dance , the Mother/Son Dance the Bride and Grooms First Dance Here Comes The Bride, or your special song for walking to the waiting groom for the ceremony should all be meaningful songs.

The music for the celebration, will make or break your reception party, so give it lots of consideration.

You naturally want music that You and your intended like, it is (your) special day, but the music will set the tone for the mood of the celebration. With that said, consider the age group of the attending guests. wild and crazy music will have older guests heading for home before you even cut the cake! And if most of your guests are young party people, you will need some dancing music!

It's always good to mix it up a bit, and have (something different) just in case you get some special requests.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather..

Need a Tent? (Just in case) It may be the best outdoor wedding ideas yet!

I hope these outdoor wedding ideas will be helpful to you. I wish you the very Best for your up-coming wedding, and your continued happiness!

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