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Organic Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed 'Winterizing the Roses' -#0015
October 21, 2014
Happy Gardening!

Winterizing the Roses

Get the Rose Plants Ready for Winter

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Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed!

October 21, 2014

Hello, welcome to the rose gardening newsletter.

Issue #0015

The weather here in my zone 5 garden has been pretty good; warm actually, so some of the roses want to keep on blooming! Others, seem to have a better sense of what's to come, and have set rose hips. I don't really do a lot in my rose garden in late Fall, other than clean up the dropped leaves, and add a layer of leaves as protection to only a very few of my favorite rose plants, that I think might need it; other than that, I try to plant only varieties that are hardy enough to my zone, as to survive the winter without all the fussing from me.

My Rainbow Knockout rose, refusing to give up for the season!

Table of Contents

1. Winterizing your Roses

2. Recipe for Rose Hip Sauce (Great on Ice Cream!)

3. Featured Rose

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Winterizing Your Roses

If you live in a cold climate, and feel your rose plants might need a little help making it through the winter, you can give them a little protection by way of;(any of the following)

Keep in mind that this should NOT be done until AFTER you have had at least one good freeze!

* Mounding up soil around the canes (Get the soil from another part of the garden;DON'T scrape soil away from the rose plants!)

* Adding a nice layer of chopped leaves or even pine boughs around the canes (Don't use Oak leaves, they are very acidic)

* I've never used the rose cones; some say they work well, you decide.

The foliage on some roses is very pretty in the Fall. This is 'Theresa Bugnet', with brilliant red foliage!

The Fall garden can still be quite beautiful, especially with warmer weather that keeps a few roses on some of the plants. I find it a bit sad, knowing they are the last of the season......

Remember to keep watering the rose plants, so they will do into dormancy being well hydrated.


Preparing Roses for Winter in Warmer Climates

In warmer climates, the roses will shed leaves and produce fewer blooms. This helps them to store the plants energy in the roots,getting ready for that next 'cycle' of bloom. Depending on just how warm your climate is, your roses may slow down on blooming, or continue to produce blooms all through the 'winter' months. Either way, it is a good idea to adjust your pruning accordingly. You don't want to stimulate growth in weather that is either very hot or very cold. This is a stressful time for the rose plants, and you should make sure they receive plenty of water. A blanket of mulch is also helpful.

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Featured Rose;

Super Dorothy

This a an old Rambler that is super hardy! It is a Once Bloomer, but the bloom lasts a long time, making it seem to bloom longer. I have (2) planted on my long arbor, and they never fail to amaze me! There is no real fragrance to speak of, but the quantity of blooms; outstanding! Learn more about this rose here: Super Dorothy Rose
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Recipe for Rose Hip Sauce

~ Rose Hip Sauce

You will need;

4 Cups Water 3 cups dried rose hips (cleaned) 1/4 cup Honey (or) 1/2 cup Sugar

Recipe; Boil water; add hips, simmer 2 hrs or until the pulp becomes very soft. Strain the mixture through a sieve, mashing it as you do. Sweeten to taste Let cool; refrigerate in a container with a lid (will keep several weeks)

You might also want this recipe; This is great on ice cream, or served with granola and yogart for a healthy snack! rose hip tea recipe

Will you share your rose photos?

Want to have the picture of Your Rose featured on a page on the web site? As you know, I am always adding new pages of specific roses with the specifics about them, along with growing information. I don't always have a picture to show you....(That's where you (my readers) can help!)

Please send in your best pictures of your roses, so I can add them to any page without one. It will also be added to the page along with your comments on how the rose performs for you.

Even if the specific rose page already has a picture, any page can have more picture with comments... so still send your picture. Thanks so much for sharing your roses with us! Send in those photos!

Written by;Carol owner/editor, Copyright 2014 (Allaboutrosegardening) Zone 5 ( USA)

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