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Rose Gardening Secrets- Organic Rose Gardening
April 21, 2015
Happy Gardening!

Spring Rose Gardening

It's Time to Plant New Roses

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April 21, 2015

Hello, welcome to the rose gardening newsletter.

Issue #0018

I've planted 10 new roses this spring! I'm concentrating on ones that I know are hardy to my zone 5 climate, and should do well for me.

Take a look..... I wanted to share these photos (taken today)

This healthy seedling is an own-root rose. (Meaning that it is a cutting started from the mother plant that they rooted, thus it grows on it's own-roots)I have really good luck with these, they can be hardier for me in my cold climate, because if I have a really bad winter, the bush can be winter killed right to the ground, and the roots will still be alive, and send up new canes, (unlike grafted varieties).

Another own-root variety. Take a closer look; see the flower bud already? This little baby just can't wait to bloom! (And I can't wait to see the flowers!)

This is a grafted one I purchased. (Queen Elizabeth) A real pink beauty that does well for me!

Table of Contents

In this Issue;

* Planting Roses

* Pruning and Fertilizing

* Featured Rose 'Sweet Intoxication'(A Fragrant Mauve colored Floribunda)

* Organic Fertilizer Tips

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It's not to late to order some new roses for your garden! Look through this list of Names of Roses and find ones suited for Your garden, and the spot you choose. It's always exciting to add new roses to the garden!

Planting Roses

Before you plant your new roses be sure to first check your Soil for Roses to make sure it doesn't need amending. Actually, it is always good to amend the soil, by adding compost and even some peat moss if you can.

Have you been Composting ? Do you know how valuable compost is to your garden? It not only feeds and nourishes the rose bushes, but it also keeps the soil loose and aerated, making it easier for the roots to spread out and take up water and fertilizer.Here's a link to learn more about making compost: how to make compost Click the link to learn more about it. For specifics on Planting your new roses, take a look here for all the information you will need. Planting roses

Pruning Roses

As soon as the Forsythia bush blooms (which should be any day now), I will be pruning and fertilizing all my roses. Except for the newly planted ones! They won't get fertilized until after their first flush of flowers.

When you do your spring pruning, cut off any winter kill back to healthy green, and remove any dead canes completely. This link on Pruning Rose Bushes might be of help to you.

Fertilizing Roses

Of course,my first choice in organic fertilizer is compost, but here a are few suggestions for 'Organic Fertilizer'

Alfalfa 1/2 cup twice a year.

Blood Meal A few Tablespoons per bush (well watered in)

Epsom Salts 2 Tablespoons per bush Spring & Fall

Fish Emulsion Once a year per instructions on bottle

Compost A few cup-fulls 4 times a year, worked into the soil, cover with mulch.

Featured Rose- Sweet Intoxication

This beautiful mauve colored floribunda rose is very fragrant! Isn't the color stunning?See more information about the sweet intoxication rose
If you want to search for something specific.... go to All About Rose Gardening Site Map, and you’ll find links to every page on my site! Book mark pages that interest you, and don’t forget to “share” pages on Face book, Google Plus,or Twitter!

Will you share your rose photos?

Want to have the picture of Your Rose featured on a page on the web site?As you know, I am always adding new pages of specific roses with the specifics about them, along with growing information. I don't always have a picture to show you....(That's where you (my readers) can help!)

Please send in your best pictures of your roses, so I can add them to any page without one.It will also be added to the page along with your comments on how the rose performs for you.

Even if the specific rose page already has a picture, any page can have more picture with comments... so still send your picture.Thanks so much for sharing your roses with us! Send in those photos!

Written by;Carol owner/editor,

Copyright 2015 (Allaboutrosegardening)Zone 5 ( USA)

For Lots more information, ideas and tips on growing and using roses visit the web

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