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Organic Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed!,Garden Landscape for Rose Gardens Issue #005
May 02, 2013
Happy Gardening!

Planting Roses for Success!

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Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed!

May 2, 2013

Hello, welcome to the rose gardening newsletter. This month you will find out how to plant some roses in your garden.

The Featured rose is a very beautiful and long time favorite, Hybrid Tea Rose!

I've included a great recipe for using rose buds.

Issue #0006

Table of Contents

1. How to plant your new rose bushes in your garden

2. Featured Rose "Peace"

3. Recipe for using Rose buds

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Learn How to Plant a Rose Bush

Now that Spring is officially here, we are already planning our garden for the year. If you are new to gardening, I am sure this information will be especially helpful to you. If you've been gardening for years, you know that each New Year results in a different garden, and careful planning on your part, (along with the inevitable) "Mother Natureā€, plays a key role in the final result of your garden.

You've decided on which rose(s) to purchase, you know where you want to plant them...... Assuming that you have prepared the beds in advance, you should dig a hole (large hole), that will give the roots plenty of room to spread out. The roots of a rose plant are suppose to grow out and down, so take a look at the rose you are planning to plant, and make your decision on how big to make the planting hole. Never crowd the roots, or squash them in with the ends bent upwards!

How to Plant a Rose Bush

Steps for Better Results!

Planting a rose

  • Dig the BIG hole
  • Mound up a bit of soil in the center of the hole, so that the roots can sit on it, and spread down and out.)
  • Throw a handful of rotted compost in the bottom of the hole.
  • Place the rose on the mound, taking into consideration the planting dept. It should be at about the same level as it previously grew, or a bit deeper if you live in a colder climate.
  • Fill the hole, half way with soil.
  • Water
  • Finish filling in with soil.
  • Water again
  • Mulch well
  • Water again
  • NO fertilizer is needed until after the rose establishes itself, and produces blooms.

For a more in-depth explanation to Planting Roses

Tips for using Rose Buds and Petals in Drinks

Having a party, or entertaining, and want to do something special? Baby showers, Bridal showers, Outdoor Weddings, Tea Parties,or any occasion that calls for something a bit out of the ordinary....

~ Rose Petals or Rose Buds Frozen in Ice ~

This is so super easy... Gather fresh rose buds (smaller ones work best), or rose petals. Be sure your roses are organically grown, so that there is no worry about pesticides!

*Fill an ice cube tray half way with water (or lemonade, iced tea, or beverage of choice), * Freeze *After the water freezers, add a rose bud, (or petal) to each cube, then finish filling the tray with water. *Freeze again

These look so pretty floating in the punch bowl! Look here for more rose recipes If your party or event is before you have roses budding, or blooming, you can use other flowers in your frozen flower cubes. One of my favorites are Pansies! They look adorable in ice cubes. And they are also edible. I always use only edible flowers in frozen cubes, and you should also.

find more rose recipes here....

Featured Rose "Peace"

This rose produces beautiful Hybrid tea roses of a very unique color. The huge, double flowers are a deep yellow color at the center, with paler outer petals, that are edged in dark pink. These roses are very fragrant, and perfect for cutting. The bush grows around 4 feet tall, with large, glossy dark green foliage. This is an all-time favorite, that should be included in your garden...(as long as you live in the right planting zone to grow it!)

Learn more about the rose Peace.....

Will you share your rose photos?

Want to have the picture of Your Rose featured on a page on the web site? As you know, I am always adding new pages of specific roses with the specifics about them, along with growing information. I don't always have a picture to show you....(That's where you (my readers) can help!)

Please send in your best pictures of your roses, so I can add them to any page without one. It will also be added to the page along with your comments on how the rose performs for you.

Even if the specific rose page already has a picture, any page can have more picture with comments... so still send your picture. Thanks so much for sharing your roses with us! Send in those photos!

Written by;Carol owner/editor, Copyright 2012 (Allaboutrosegardening) Zone 5 ( USA)

For Lots more information, ideas and tips on growing and using roses visit the web

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