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Organic Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed!Compost and fertilizers #009
April 14, 2014
Happy Gardening!

Organic Fertilizers and Compost

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Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed!

April 15, 2014

Hello, welcome to the rose gardening newsletter. (And Welcome Spring!)

The best thing you can do for your roses is to amend the soil they grow in!

Research has proven that a mere 1-inch layer of compost applied to the surface of the soil will protect your rose plants against a host of diseases!

Issue #0009

Table of Contents

1. Why your Roses need Compost

2. The Dirt on Organic Fertilizers

3. Featured Rose "Darcey Bussell"

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All About Compost

Compost is nothing more than completely decomposed organic matter, but it is an absolute must for growing your roses organically.

Why use Compost?

Compost helps to build the soil, and feeds soil life, which in turn helps to feed your rose plants. Organic matter keeps the soil loose and aerated, while it boosts the ability of the soil to retain water.

You can compost just about any form of organic matter, including kitchen and garden wastes, grass clippings, leaves, weeds that have not gone to seed,and even lint from your dryer.

Learn more about the.... Best organic Fertilizer

The Best way to Use Compost

Spoil Your Roses With Compost Mulch

If you are building a new bed for your roses, you can begin by first building healthy soil for them to grow in. This is achieved by amending the soil to become black, rich loom. Adding generous amounts of organic compost will certainly help to do this!

If your rose bushes are already growing in your garden.... Fear not.... Pamper them with a layer of compost mulch! Consider using this instead of the traditional wood mulch. Wood mulch is a high carbon material, thus tying up nitrogen in the soil as it decays, depriving the roses of the nitrogen they need for healthy growth. Compost.....poses no such problem! It provides them with exactly what they need to grow health and bloom luxuriantly!

Although Compost is the best food for your roses.... you might also need to make an adjustment in the form of organic fertilizers.

The Dirt on Organic Fertilizers

Organic Sources of Nitrogen, Phosphorus,Potassium

Below are a few organic sources to help give your plants a boost.


*Fish Meal *Blood Meal *Alfalfa Meal


*Bonemeal *Fish Meal


*Fish Meal *Greensand *Kelp Extract

The following link has some great recipes for Homemade-Organic-Fertilizer

In case you haven't seen this page on homemade organic tea for your rose plants; Take a look... Organic-Fertilizer-Recipe

And answers to your questions about Organic Fertilizers... Fertilizer-Organic

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Featured Rose "Darcey Bussell"

This lovely English Rose by David Austin, has an enchanting fragrance. It produces clusters of blooms all season! Learn more about

Darcey Bussell rose

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Please send in your best pictures of your roses, so I can add them to any page without one. It will also be added to the page along with your comments on how the rose performs for you.

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Written by;Carol owner/editor, Copyright 2014 (Allaboutrosegardening) Zone 5 ( USA)

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