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Organic Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed!,Garden Landscape for Rose Gardens Issue #005
December 29, 2012
Happy Gardening!

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Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed!

December 27, 2012

Hello, welcome to the rose gardening newsletter. This month you will find out how to plan a garden landscape for rose gardens.

The Featured rose is a very beautiful and hardy Climbing Rose!

I've included a great recipe for making a Rose and Honey Facial Mask.

Issue #0005

Table of Contents

1. Plan your Garden Landscape for Rose Gardens

2. Featured Rose "American Pillar"

3. Recipe for making Rose and Honey Facial Mask

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Garden Landscape for Rose Gardens

Now that winter is finally upon us, we are already dreaming of our garden for next year. If you are new to gardening, I am sure this information will be especially helpful to you. If you've been gardening for years, you know that each New Year results in a different garden, and careful planning on your part, (along with the inevitable) "Mother Nature”, plays a key role in the final result of your garden.

Use this time, when, for most of us, we can only sit inside and dream of our next garden, as we gaze at frozen earth, or snow covered beds. Plan.....Plan....Plan.... If something didn't work last year, change it, for a better garden this year. Don't be in too much of a hurry to move newly planted rose bushes, some may take a few years to establish themselves, while others burst into growth quickly.

There are lots of new, and many old favorite rose bushes that you can incorporate into your landscape for a georgeous design!

Landscape Design

Roses and their colors

This is a list of beautiful roses,and their colors. For more go to Names of Roses to learn about a specific rose.

Climbing Roses

  • Blaze (red)
  • Dortmund (medium red/ white eye)
  • Eden (soft pink)
  • Fourth of July (red blend/striped)
  • Iceberg (white)
  • Love’s Song ( orange-pink)
  • Paul’s Lemon Pillar (light yellow)
  • The Magician (yellow blend)
  • Summer Wine (orange-pink)
  • Westerland (apricot blend)
  • White New Dawn (white)

David Austin Roses

  • Constance Spry (light pink)
  • John Clare (deep pink/light red)
  • Mary rose (pink)
  • Peach Blossom (light pink)
  • Scintillation (light pink)
  • Shropshire Lass (light pink)
  • William Shakespere (crimson/purple)

Rugosa Roses

  • Rosa rugosa (mauve)
  • rugosa alba (white)
  • Rosa rugosa rubra (deep pink)
  • Rosa woodsii (medium pink

Landscape/Shrub Roses

  • Adelaide Hoodless (deep pink)
  • Bonica (medium pink)
  • Carefree Beauty (medium pink)
  • Carefree Delight (pink blend)
  • Cassie (white)
  • George Vancouver (medium red)
  • Golden Wings (light yellow)
  • Happy Chappy (yellow blend)
  • Knock Out (red blend/light red)
  • Lady Elise May (coral pink)
  • Lyda Rose (white/pink blend)
  • Midnight Blue (deep purple)
  • Morden Centennial (medium pink)
  • Pink Robin (medium pink)
  • Seafoam (white)

Hybrid Musk Roses

  • Ballerina (medium pink)
  • Buff Beauty (apricot blend)
  • Felicia (pink blend)
  • Penelope (light pink)
  • Sally Holmes (white)
Miniature Roses
  • Amy Grant (very light pink)
  • Baby Love (yellow)
  • Caliente (fire engine red)
  • Dancing Flame (yellow/red blend)
  • Irrestible (white)
  • Jeanne Lajoie (pink)

More beautiful roses

  • Bourbon Queen (pink blend)
  • Complicata (pink blend)
  • Dainty Bess (light pink)
  • Earth Song (deep pink/pink blend)
  • Eddie’s Jewel (medium red)
  • John Cabot (medium red)
  • Kiese (medium red)
  • Lady Penzance (orange-pink blend)
  • Seven sisters (pink-blend)

To start at the beginning.... check out the Rose Gardens Plan page here You'll learn about choosing, planting, and what your roses need.

I've even included Some designs to copy

Recipe for Rose and Honey Facial Mask

You will need:
  • 2 tbsp. rosewater

  • 1 tbsp. honey (warmed so that it is pourable)
  • 1 tbsp. all natural yogurt
Look here for the recipe to make rose water

How to Make;

  • 1. Mix all ingredients together (rosewater, yogurt and honey )
  • 2. Apply the creamy mixture to your skin, and leave it on for 10 minutes
  • 3. Rinse your face thoroughly by splashing with luke warm water.
  • 4. Pat dry with towel

Your face will feel soft and invigorated!

find more rose recipes here....

Featured Rose "American Pillar"

This rose produces clusters of Carmine pink roses.The very lovely blooms on this climbing rose shows a white center with golden stamens. The "American Pillar Rose", is a once-bloomer. But when it blooms, it's spectacular! This is a very vigorous growing bush, that is actually very hardy as well. It tolerates poor soil, and will even grow in a bit of shade. Once established, this old Rambler will grow bigger, and more beautiful each year.

Learn more about the rose American Pillar.....

Will you share your rose photos?

Want to have the picture of Your Rose featured on a page on the web site? As you know, I am always adding new pages of specific roses with the specifics about them, along with growing information. I don't always have a picture to show you....(That's where you (my readers) can help!)

Please send in your best pictures of your roses, so I can add them to any page without one. It will also be added to the page along with your comments on how the rose performs for you.

Even if the specific rose page already has a picture, any page can have more picture with comments... so still send your picture. Thanks so much for sharing your roses with us! Send in those photos!

Written by;Carol owner/editor, Copyright 2012 (Allaboutrosegardening) Zone 5 ( USA)

For Lots more information, ideas and tips on growing and using roses visit the web

If this is your first issue, be sure to check out previous issues!

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