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Organic Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed "Choosing the Best Roses for Cutting #0016"
February 17, 2015
Happy Gardening!

Choosing the Best Roses for Cutting

Plant some Long Stemmed Roses for the Vase

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Rose Gardening Secrets Revealed!

February 17, 2015

Hello, welcome to the rose gardening newsletter.

Issue #0016

Like most of us, I'll bet you are seriously thinking of which new roses to choose for your garden.Choosing the best roses for cutting depends on not only which color you like best, but which variety will grow (and thrive) in your garden!

Roses for cutting come in a rainbow of colors that is seemingly endless.

Hybrid Teas, and Grandiflora roses are the most popular roses for cutting, but if you don't live in the right climate to grow them, don't worry, there are still plenty of roses that you can grow, that do extremely well in the vase.

One such beauty is the lovely rose pictured below. It is one of the David Austin English roses, and it grows very well for me in my zone 5 garden.It is called Mary-Rose Click the link to learn more about it.

See my list of Roses that make great cut flowers; Best Roses for Cutting

Table of Contents

1. Best Roses for Cutting

2. Featured Rose- Crescendo

3. Rose Petal and Milk Bath Recipe

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Featured Rose- Crescendo

This beautiful Hybrid Tea is a long stemmed, fragrant rose that is perfect for cutting!It grows 5-6' high.The color is amazing, as well as the fragrance.Blooms are 5" wide.See more information about the Crescendo Rose

In case you missed my Free standing corner trellis e-book; smashwords link to ebook free standing corner trellis

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Rose Petal and Milk Bath

Since Spring isn't quite here yet, I thought I'd share this refreshing "Get away from winter" relaxing, and skin softening bath recipe using rose petals.It's a very easy recipe, and you will feel soft and special after your bath! Rose Petal Milk Bath Recipe

Cleopatras Secret Milk and Rose Petal Bath

Will you share your rose photos?

Want to have the picture of Your Rose featured on a page on the web site?As you know, I am always adding new pages of specific roses with the specifics about them, along with growing information. I don't always have a picture to show you....(That's where you (my readers) can help!)

Please send in your best pictures of your roses, so I can add them to any page without one.It will also be added to the page along with your comments on how the rose performs for you.

Even if the specific rose page already has a picture, any page can have more picture with comments... so still send your picture.Thanks so much for sharing your roses with us! Send in those photos!

Written by;Carol owner/editor,

Copyright 2015 (Allaboutrosegardening)Zone 5 ( USA)

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