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Rose Gardening Secrets- Bugs on Roses
July 16, 2015
Happy Gardening!

Bugs on Rose Bushes

Rose Pests

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July 15, 2015

Hello, welcome to the rose gardening newsletter.

Issue #0020

The bugs this year in my garden have been awful! I've had more bugs on the roses than usual!

I thought I would share some pictures (and organic tips)for dealing with the same issue on your bushes.

It can be heart breaking to see your beautiful roses destroyed by some nasty bug! And it can also be frustrating to see a bush struggling and not know why or what to do about it!

I'll show you some of the damage from bugs on roses, including what to look for to identify the problem, and organic tips to cure it.

Table of Contents

In this Issue;

* Identifying Bad Bugs

* Rose Pests and Diseases

* Featured Rose "Waiheke' A beautiful coral/pink Grandiflora

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Garden Insect Pests

The first bug that's been (Bugging) my garden, and maybe yours also, is the

Thrip.These are very tiny insects that make their home inside the flower bud.

They cause the petals to turn brown and not open, and the leaves become deformed as well. I have a great organic recipe for these! Find it HERE... thrips

The next nasty bugs on roses are very common (see them pictured below)

Aphids.These tiny soft bodied bugs cause problems as they suck the life out of the new shoots.

See those tiny little bugs in the center of the stem?

You might need to put glasses on to see them, that's how small they are. They look innocent enough.......but..... Do the ends of the new shoots look bent over and wilted on any of your roses? Take a look at this page about Aphids You'll find an easy to make organic citrus recipe for dealing with them.

The next Nasty Bug that bothers roses is called a Rose Midge It's actually the larvae that do this damage, but it is very destructive.

See how the stem tip is wilted? The stem turns black like it was burned.

This is on my Zephrine Droughin rose, and I was NOT happy to discover it!

I've treated the bush, and it is looking much better! See what I did about rose midges

Next up are these nasty bugs that arrive every June in my area. Hopefully you don't get them where you live!

They might be pretty to look at with their shiny, metallic bodies, but just look at what they can do to the rose flowers (and leaves as well).

Want to know more about these bugs? Japanese-Beetles

Inspect the Rose Bushes

Daily inspections of the rose bushes(if possible), can help you to avoid problems.

Keeping the garden balanced with lots of beneficial bugs makes for a healthy organic garden.

Check out this page on Beneficial-garden-insects

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Featured Rose- Waiheke

This one I planted this spring, but I have to say it is quickly becoming one of my favorites! The stunning blooms have wavy petals. It doesn't stop blooming, and appears very disease resistant so far!

You can learn more about it here; Names-Of-Roses-Page-2

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Written by;Carol owner/editor,

Copyright 2015 (Allaboutrosegardening)Zone 5 ( USA)

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