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Getting Rid of Weeds with a Natural Weed Killer

organic weed controlGarden Weed

 Organic Weed control, is a method of  keeping weeds out of your rose (or flower) garden, thus reducing competition for water, nutrients, and sunlight. The weeds could also harbor disease and insect problems that could transfer to the roses.

The truth is, a garden full of weeds is not a pretty sight! A few here and there might be expected, but gardeners do their best to keep getting rid of weeds as best they can.

Using mulch is a good preventative. It will keep most weed seeds from germinating. The ones that do sprout, will be easy to pull out, because the mulch keeps the soil moist and friable.

Organic Methods of Dealing With Weeds

~ Pull Weeds by Hand~

Constant monitoring of your garden, and pulling weeds when they are small makes controlling weeds easier.  Young weeds pull out fairly easy, and can go straight into the compost pile. Larger weeds have stronger root systems, and if left to grow to maturity,will produce seeds that will eventually produce more weeds.

As the beds become established, weeding diminishes. Unless of course you made the mistake of using un-composted cow manure that is full of pasture weeds, or you mulched the beds with hay instead of straw.

A new Gardening tool designed to let you dig out the weeds with your gloved hand! An incredible gardening aid!

honey badger gloves
Honey Badger Garden Gloves

~ Hoeing ~

Annual weeds can be removed by simply cutting the plant off at ground level. Severing the plant from the roots will kill it off. A garden hoe can achieve this easily. Some perennial weeds are persistent, and should be treated with an Organic weed control.

The only spray I occasionally use in my walkway and garden paths, is simply white vinegar in a spray bottle. I spray the weeds, and they die. Simple... Safe.....

My friends Husband once thought he would help her with the weeds along her garden walk by spraying (Roundup) it didn't take long to realize the spray had touched the row of flowers bordering the walk, killing all of them! She had to replace the entire row! The ingredients in Roundup are toxic, and even though the label says it breaks down quickly, are you comfortable using such a product?

The Best Organic Weed Killer

garden weedsDandelion Weed

If you have plenty of time to wait for a new bed,you can get rid of weeds and grass, with this natural weed killer... Simply cover the area to become the new bed with several layers of newspapers, paper grocery bags, or cardboard and top with a few inches of compost.

By Spring, the paper and grass will have broken down, enough for you to simply till the bed.

Make sure if you use animal manures in your compost pile, that it is totally composted, because manure is full of weed seeds! If not fully composted, the seeds will readily sprout!

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