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Growing Roses Organically

organic rosesMy Organically grown roses

Grow beautiful organic roses, by following some guide lines to growing roses organically without chemicals or pesticides.

Do your part to help "Save the Planet", by practicing organic rose gardening.

Growing your roses organically will not only help you the gardener, but also your family, your pets, the neighbors, and every living creature that enters your garden.

It is the only way to garden if you intend to use any of the flower petals or hips in recipes or other concoctions that you will use.

You will find that roses grown this way will have better color, fragrance, and even flavor. (all enhanced by organic culture)

What is Organic Rose Gardening? It is the practice of growing roses without any harmful chemicals that will be a danger to all. It is a way to nurture, feed and protect your roses in a healthier garden.

How do you Practice Growing Organic Roses?

Avoid using harmful, toxic, (not to mention expensive) chemicals to fertilize and/or control garden pests.

You can start by;

  • Choosing healthy roses that will thrive in your planting zone
    Try to choose ones that are disease resistant roses that are easy to care for.
  • Give your roses everything they need to stay healthy like plenty of sunshine, good soil, and lots of air circulation to avoid problems. Plants that are healthy are less stressed, and thus have fewer problems.
  • Use only Organic fertilizer for vigorous, healthy plants. Learn more about rose fertilizer and which ones to use, and how often. Did you know that a bit of Epson Salts sprinkled around the plants will help to green up the leaves?
  • Enlist the help of some "Good Garden Bugs" to help defend your garden.

This method of organic culture, will allow you to grow your roses simply and safely, making them not only soul-satisfying, but taste-satisfying as well.

Organic  Gardening, Dealing with Garden Pests and Disease

Choose the best plan of attack to combat garden pests. Sometimes the best defense is to enlist some of the garden's own Beneficial Garden Insects. Harmful chemical pesticides are not good for you-the environment- or the little garden visitors such as birds and butterflies.

For an all organic solution, look at this perfect spray guide for roses to keep your plants pest and disease-free organically. Sometimes simply spraying the leaves with the hose will wash off some unwanted bugs such as aphids. Other times hand-picking certain garden pests might be the best solution.

Always give careful consideration to any fertilizer or pesticide that you use on your roses, and ask yourself if it is Safe to use.

Organic Means; You Can Eat Your Roses

When you grow Organic Roses, you can use them in recipes look here for Edible Flower Recipes as well as many other uses for your roses.

Your rose petals can not only be eaten fresh in Salads, etc, but can be used to make rose water, (used in everything from recipes, to cosmetic concoctions.) And lets not forget those rose scented Perfumes....

Follow this link to learn about Rose oil. It has many skin benefits. Try making some!

Rose hips, are used to make the famous Scandinavian "Rose Hip Soup", as well as tea, syrups, jellies and many more....

{Note: If you try any of these recipes; please be sure your roses were grown organically!}

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Growing Roses Organically

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