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I practice (organic gardening) in my own gardens, and like to promote it on this web site.

You'll find lots of advice on gardening organically. The recipes you find here  on the site also suggest you use your own (organic) roses that are pesticide free. Roses (and flowers) grown with chemicals are Not edible!

green leaf to symbolize organic gardening

Another great article from the Gardening Tips Article Library. This is something that effects us all, not just those who garden.

Help raise awareness to this.........

Gardeners Go Organic

 If you are serious about being good to your garden and the environment, then gardening by organic means is the only way to do it.

Gardening organic means more than using (safe) fertilizers and sprays, it is also knowing how to encourage healthy bugs and other predatory insects to visit your garden and consume your garden pests.

Organic gardening allows you to work in harmony with nature. When you garden organically, you need to think about your plants as part of a complete system, beginning with the soil you plant it in, and also the  water it drinks,and yes.....even the bugs that are in your garden and around your plants.

I think that everyone is aware of the harmful effects of using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it's just a matter of whether or not they are willing to give them up.

The garden is dependant on nature (and You) to supply it with nutrients and water as it uses up what it has.

Organically feedings your soil is one of the best things you can do for your garden.Go ahead and add as much organic matter to the soil that you can get your hands on!

How do you get it? What is it?.....

Compost of course!

When you feed your soil compost, it is able to feed your plants as the organic matter breaks down.

Making and using compost not only nourishes your garden soil, but also helps reduce the waste from your kitchen. All those peels and kitchen scraps such as potato peels, banana peels, scraps for making salad, etc. can all be turned into nice, rich garden soil.

You'll find that this is something you probably produce every day. And don't forget things such as fallen leaves, ashes from the stove, coffee grounds, egg shells....(Get the picture) LOTS of stuff that you now throw in the trash, can become rich soil for the garden.

Need Pest Control for Organic Gardening ?

For Pests in the Garden... Don't miss this guide to Organic Gardening Pest Control!

So if you're willing to join the crowd and help the environment, (not just for yourself and your family, but future generations)........ Do your part!

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