Organic Fertilizer Recipe for Rabbit Manure Tea

roses grown in rabbit manure teaWell fertilized Roses!

Your roses will love this organic fertilizer recipe for rabbit manure tea!

Rabbit manure is an ideal organic fertilizer. It is high in nitrogen, and also a bit high on phosphorus. (2.4-1.4-.6).

This is a great combination that will give you everything you need to grow big beautiful roses; healthy foliage, strong roots, and lots of flowers!

If you raise rabbits in a hutch, you should already have a pile of aged manure you can use. If not, collect the manure and allow it to age (compost), then brew it into this wonderful organic fertilizer to feed to the rose plants.

Allow this solution to brew for a few days before applying it to your rose plants!

Directions to make this Organic Fertilizer Recipe for Rabbit Manure Tea;


You will need;

  • A wash tub or large pail
  • composted rabbit manure
  • water
  • a spot in the sun to make it!

Directions to Make it;

  • Fill the tub or pail up about 1/2 full of the composted manure
  • Add water to the pail or tub, almost to the top.
  • Let the mixture steep in the sun for a few days, stir it occasionally
  • Strain the mix, then pour as much as a gallon around the base of each rose plant.
  • Work the solid part of the mix you strained out into the soil around the rose plants. (this is good for building the soil)

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