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Coral and Peach Colored Roses

orange rose

View orange roses, coral roses, and roses the color peach that would look great in your garden. I also include some important growing information on them, should you chose to grow them in your garden.

Orange roses, are a very unique color in the rose family. This color blends especially well when planted beside roses that are red and/or yellow. You will find roses in shades of orange, copper, coral, apricot,and all shades in-between.

Orange and Coral Colored Roses

Pat Austin

pat austin rose

David Austin named these coral roses after his wife.

This English rose has bright copper on the insides of the petals with pale copper on the outer sides.

The large coral colored flowers are deeply cupped.

 These English roses grows 4-5 ft. This is a very disease resistant rose bush.

The blooms have a Tea/clove fragrance

They are hardy in zones 5-19


octoberfest rose

This beauty is a Grandiflora rose, that grows tall and upright to 6 ft.

The lovely blooms are the color of fall.

The cream, red and orange roses, blend together

to produce a rose that reminds me of a beautiful sunset..

It has only a slight to moderate fragrance.

These beautiful flowers are exhibition form


westerland rose

This is a shrub rose can grow large enough to be a climber. It can grow to 10 ft. or more.You can keep it trimmed down to a smaller height, or let it grow tall, and anchor it to a trellis, or pillar.

The apricot/orange roses occur in clusters,with an intense, spicy fragrance.

The foliage is disease resistant

This is one that I grow in my garden, and I must tell you, I love the color of it! It does extremely well for me in my zone 5 garden.

Cinnamon Twist

They're not orange roses, not quite coral, but light and dark variations of a novel, heartwarming hue. Peach roses maybe? What color is peach? Spice-scented, 5" flowers feature thirty ruffled petals and appear in a mixture of clusters and singles. The nicely rounded, disease-resistant plant is ideal for mixed borders.

This Floribunda grows to a height of 3 ft

Light,Fruity,Spicy fragrance


chihuly orange rose

This is a combination Yellow/orange blend Floribunda rose

The outer edges are orange, while the center of the flower is a soft yellow color.

The flowers appear in generous clusters.

It grows 4-5ft. by 4-5ft. wide.

This rose bush is disease resistant

The lovely two-toned blended flowers have 30 petals.

As pretty as they are, they only a mild fragrance.

Frontier Twirl

orange frontier twirl rose

A shrub rose with a pink/coral blend, with 25 double petals.

The bush is very disease resistant, and fragrant.

It has leathery, medium foliage

This rose bush plant grows upright, mounding and bushy.

The pretty peach flowers appear 1-8 per cluster, and repeats all season

It makes an excellent cut flower

Grows to a height: 3-4 ft x 3-4 ft

Laura Bush

A fitting tribute to the First Lady, who is an avid gardener and rosarian, this rose also honors Mrs. Bush's many contributions to education, literacy, and global health. 

Plant these orange roses as a lasting tribute in your garden, and enjoy its generous clusters of dusky orange buds opening to ruffled, cinnamon-orange blooms with a fruity aroma.

grows to a height of 3 ft

Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa rose

This Floribunda rose has a most an unusual chocolate/orange color.

It has a fruity fragrance

It has glossy- deep green leathery foliage, on an upright, bushy plant.

hardy zones 6-9

The first time I saw this rose I was amazed with it's unique color!

What a color break through it is!

It produces great orange hips in winter

Learn more about Hot Cocoa


This Hybrid Tea is among the most splendid color combinations ever created, this blend of cream, golden, coral, and pink (with a cream reverse) is simply breathtaking. The giant blooms open slowly, releasing a subtle scent redolent of cinnamon and cloves as their petals unfurl from a high center.

Exhibition quality, these blooms arise abundantly on perpetually-flowering, vigorous shrubs grown on their own root. Exceptionally cold-hardy, this is the rose to plant in a place of honor in your garden.

Light,Spicy fragrance

Height: 5 ft - 6 ft

Mardi Grass

mardi gras rose

These Floribunda orange roses were given top honors by All America Rose Selections (AARS) judges, Mardi Gras performed exceptionally in one of the most rigorous rose trials in the world.

This garden gem shows the same impressive vigor and disease resistance of its AARS-winning parent, Singin' in the Rain. Mardi Gras' apricot orange buds slowly open to reveal bright pink and yellow blooms with a yellow base.

It has a light fragrance

Height: 4 ft

Lady of Shallot

English shrub rose by David Austin

Large double orange blend roses

warm fragrance

Highly disease resistant

Learn more about this beauty....


playboy rose

These orange roses are orange/scarlet in color. A simply outstanding Floribunda.

Well- rounded medium bush grows 3-4 ft.

dark green, glossy, disease resistant foliage.

moderate apple fragrance.

A consistant performer that draws visitors like a magnet!

Outstanding rose!

zones 5-9


tropicana rose

Hybrid Tea rose with cupped shaped orange-red blooms.

This bush is a medium size plant that grows 4-6'

It is a vigorous grower, that grows upright.

It is hardy in zones 5-9

The orange-red coloring of this rose, was a color break-through at the time of its introduction

Learn more about Tropicana Rose

Do you know the Meaning of rose colors that are orange?


This Hybrid Tea,is eager to flower and very easy to grow, it is an AARS winner that is among the most distinctively colored of all roses.

The petals are a blend of coral, salmon, and orange, generously brushed with cream on the reverse, with a smooth, velvety look that adds depth to their presentation.

Appearing very profusely, these orange roses, release a gentle, sweet fragrance that is most enticing.

Height: 4 ft

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