Orange Impressionist Rose

Orange Colored Shrub Roses

orange impressionist roseOrange Impressionist

The Orange Impressionist rose, is a rose that displays very unique colored roses, the color of oranges!

 These shrub roses are not only hardy, but considered very disease resistant as well. (Two things I always look for in a rose)

The rose blooms in clusters, giving you plenty of beautiful blooms in a single stem.

If you like orange colored roses, a row or hedge of these would really make a statement, and be extremely lovely.

The beautiful orange colored blooms are striking! They have a lighter orange color on the reverse of the petals, and lots of shiny green foliage.

Type   Shrub Roses

Hybridizer Ping Lim (United States, 1993).

Blooms Orange blend Double bloom form 3 1/2" flowers with 17-25 petals

Foliage  Medium green

Growth Habit  grows upright  Compact growth with a height of up to 3'

Hardy Zones  zones 5-9

orange impressionist rose bush

This orange colored shrub rose stays compact, growing to about 3'  in both directions.

As you can see from the photo, the heavy blooms nod their pretty heads.

If you are in need of a shrub rose with a very different or unique color, Orange Impressionist rose would be a good choice.

What makes it a Good Rose?

  • This rose is considered Very Disease Resistant.
  • It blooms continually all season.
  • It has very unique coloring

I photographed the roses you see in the pictures at the Elizabeth Park rose garden in Conn., and I must say, they certainly got My attention! I saw lots and lots of pretty blooms on the bush.

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