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Old Blush rose, is a light pink, semi-double China rose that is responsible for all the modern roses we have today.

The medium sized, muddled, loosely double flowers, begin as red buds, and then open to pale pink colored flowers. As the flowers age, they darken to a deeper pink.

This is the most common of the China roses. The Old Blush rose, blooms perpetually in warmer climates. In cooler climates, it is the first rose to bloom in the Spring, and the last to remain blooming come Fall.

The softly fragrant, 3 inch flowers are born in great abundance on the bush.

This is a slow growing, rather twiggy rose, and that is nearly thornless. It has slender, green stems, with few thorns. It sometimes produces rose hips.

It is a very desirable rose bush that is especially useful in Cottage gardens.

Type: China Rose

Hybridizer Parsons 1952

Growth Habits upright growing bush grows up to 4 feet.

Blooms semi- double, smallish, light pink flowers have 25-30 petals

Foliage mid green foliage with red new growth. Almost thorn less

Fragrance light fragrance, like sweet peas

Hardy zone zones 7-9

More about Old Blush...

Old Blush has been grown in China for over 1,000 years. It was brought to Europe, and initiated a great revelation in rose breeding. This rose introduced the repeat-flowering factor into the once-blooming roses. No other rose has been as important in the development of our modern roses. All repeat-flowering modern roses descend from 'Old Blush'.

It is also known as; Parsons Pink China, Monthly Rose, Last Rose of Summer, Common Blush China, Old Pink Daily, Old Pink Monthly, Common Monthly.

It is said to be Thomas Moore’s 'last rose of summer'

A Climbing variety (Climbing Old Blush) is one of the best of all climbers. The flowers are larger on this climbing form.

Because of the heaviness of the flowers, they nod their heads in an attractive habit.

They are borne singly, or in clusters of up to five. Flowering begins early in the season, and continues until fall. Warmer climates see flowers all season.

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