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A Nosegay Bouquet, also called a tussie-mussie, or posy, is a popular Victorian bridal bouquet still carried by as many brides today, as yesteryear.

These bouquets go back to medieval times, where they were carried or worn to mask unpleasant odors. Hence the name (nose-gay).

This type of bouquet is a round arrangement of densely packed flowers. Flowers can be basically any kind that you like, although some are better suited than others. Colors can vary according to your likes. Typically the Victorians used soft pastel colors, including white and ivory, as well as pearls,ribbon, and lace.

What do the Flowers in the Bouquet Mean?

The nosegay bouquet would include floral symbolism from the Symbolic Meaning of Flowers (or) Language of Flowers The colors of the flowers have special meaning also. If you know the Meaning of Flower Colors you know which ones to put in your bouquet,thus providing a secret way to send a message. Each flower has a specific message.

~ Roses signify Love

~ Ivy signifies Fidelity, and Dependence

~ Forget me not signifies True Love

and so on...and so on...

Each bouquet can be not only a thing of beauty, but contain a special meaning within, adding to the uniqueness of it.

victorian bridal bouquet

Roses are popular flowers to use in a nosegay bouquet. They have a poignant, sensual beauty that harmonize well when grouped with other flowers. Flower forms can be single, or lush, with a powerful sweet fragrance .

Paul Neyron Is a Hybrid perpetual medium pink rose that is very suitable for the center of a romantic bouquet. The massive, flat flowers are pure pink to rose-pink in color, and have strong, straight stems. The cupped flowers have more than 50 petals and resemble peony flowers.

How to Make A Nosegay

To make your own nosegay:

  • Choose a rose for the center.
  • Surround it with flowers/herbs such as lavender, pinks, thyme, other roses, etc. until it measures 4 inches wide.
  • Frame the bouquet with leaves of scented geranium, sage, anise, or hyssop.
  • Tie stems together, and trim them to a length of 4 inches
  • Insert stems into a tiny vase, or make a handle, by covering stems with damp paper towels wrapped in plastic wrap.
  • Cut a hole in the center of a paper doily or a circle of lace and insert handle through.
  • Wrap the handle with florist's tape, and make a bow with ribbon, allowing streamers to hang down.

If your arrangement of flowers include both modern and old fashioned roses, place the stronger stemmed ones in the middle and use the shorter stemmed ones toward the edges.

Roses tend to shed petals quickly once fully opened, so choose ones that are in bud, or slightly open.

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