Northeast Region Plant Guides

Your Guide to Choosing Roses for This Area

  Here you'll find Northeast Region Plant Guides for:  Conn., Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Penn., Rhode Island, Vermont Hardiness zone range from 3-7

A Temperature range of -20 to-10 F (-28.8 --23.4 C) In these states, roses will not survive the cold winter months if they are not well selected and well protected.

Factors that determine the fate of the rose..

A rose planted in this region is more likely to survive till spring if:

  • It is healthy going into the winter season
  • It has received ample water through the fall
  • It is not stressed or disease affected
  • If it receives a good insulating blanket of snow all winter long    

If the winter weather becomes variable with bouts of warm weather, bringing the rose out of dormancy,a cold snap could then kill the rose.

Plant Guides for this 4-season area varies from frigid zone 3 to moderate zone 7. Click here to find YOUR specific planting zone

Northeast Region Plant Guides
Top Performing Varieties

Some cold hardy roses to fit your climate zones that are less likely to be affected by harsh winters.

~The Rugosa roses, ~The Canadian Explorer series,~ The Parkland series, ~Giffith Buck Roses, Or those with the word Modern.

Knockout Rose

knockout rose

The Knockout rose is very popular for this region.

It is everybody's favorite!

Jeannie LaJoie

jeannie la joie rose

Jeannie La Joie is a climbing miniature with pretty pink blooms that keep coming!

Earth Song

earth song rose

Earth Song, a beautiful Pink rose!

F.J. Grootendorst

f j grootendorst rose

F J Grootendorst is covered in fushia colored blooms on a very prickly bush!

The Fairy

the fairy rose

The Fairy, another pink beauty with small button roses.

New Dawn

new dawn rose

A hardy pink climber!

More Good Choices..

Click the link to learn more about each rose.

Abraham Darby~ Apricot- David Austin- Shrub

Baby Love Yellow~ Miniature

Ballerina~ Pink- Hybrid Musk

Betty Prior ~ Pink - Floribunda

Bonica ~ Pink - Shrub

Carefree Beauty~ Pink- Shrub

Carefree Delight ~ Pink Blend Shrub rose

Charles De Mills~ Crimson Red- Gallica

Cornelia~ Pink Blend- Hybrid Musk

Distant Drums~ Rose/Purple -Buck rose

Dublin Bay ~ Red Climber

Golden Celebration ~ Yellow - Shrub

Golden Unicorn~ Yellow Blend- Shrub

Gourmet Popcorn~ White-Miniature

Hansa~ Red- Hybrid Rugosa

Henry Kelsey ~ Red Climber- One of the hardiest red climbers!

John Cabot ~ Red - Hybrid Kordesil

Magic Carrousel~ Red/White blend- Miniature

Martin Frobisher~ Light Pink-Hybrid Rugosa

Mary Rose ~ Pink - David Austin Rose

Modern Blush~ Light Pink- Shrub

Pillow Fight ~ White Shrub Rose

Prairie Harvest~ Light Yellow- Shrub

Sally Holmes~ White- Shrub

Stanwell Perpetual~ Pale Pink- Spinosissima

Theresa Bugnet~ Pink- Hybrid Rugosa

William Baffin~ Deep Pink - Hybrid Kordesii

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