Noisette Roses

noisette roses

The Noisette Roses are Hybrid roses that had their beginning in the South.

On around 1811, a rice farmer in Charleston South Carolina crossed a Parson's Pink China rose with a Species musk rose. The result was a rose he named "Champneys Pink Cluster".

This rose resulted in a new class of old garden roses called 'Noisette roses".

These southern roses were vigorous growing, and repeated blooms well and abundantly. Most of them like the warmer climates and are hardy in zones 7-11. Some are once bloomers.

At that time  there were around 250 varieties, but the number has dwindled considerably. Today it is more like 70 that still exist.

List of Noisette Roses

Alister Steller Gray

Double flowers are Pale yellow with amber centers, and come in small clusters

Moderate fragrance

Grows up to 15'

Aimee Vibert (1828) Once blooming

White rosettes with visible stamens Small dainty clusters of 5-12

Strong, musky scent

Grows around 16'

zone 6

Blush Noisette  (before 1817) Also called Noisette Carnee

Delicate soft pink with 30 petals clusters of 6-12

Dark foliage

Grows 6-7'

Zones 7-10

Bougainville (1822)

Bright pink fading to pale pink Clusters of up to 50

Light, musky scent

Grows to about 8'

zone 6

Boule De Neige (1867)

Brilliant white flowers are double with short petals. Flowers are cabbage like, until the outer petals reflex to form a ball.

Clusters of 5-20

strong, sweet scent

Grows to about 9'

zone 6

Celine Forestier (1858)

Light yellow Quartered blooms have a button eye

Spicy fragrance

Grows 5-6'

zones 7-10

Champneys' Pink Cluster

Blush pink, fully double blooms are in a scalloped fashion.

Very fragrant

Grows to 15'

zones 6-10

Claire Jacquier (1888)

Buff yellow changing to creamy white. Tight clusters of 5-9

Strong, musky scent

Grows to 16' (In ideal conditions it could reach 30')

zone 7

Coquette Des Blanches (1871)

White with a hint of pink. Flowers are very full and cupped

Medium sweet fragrance

Grows to 9'

repeats well

zone 6

Marechal Niel (1864)

Medium yellow 35-40 petals clustersof flowers

Dark coppery green leaves

Vigorous climber to 15'  Stems are weak and easy to tie to supports

Loves the heat

zones 5-11

Mme Alfred Carriere (1879)

Pinkish white, large globular blooms

Grows 5-6'

zones 4-10

Narrow Water (1883)

Pale mauve pink, small, semi double flowers in airy clusters of up to 40

strong, musky scent

Grows to 13'

Repeats continually

zone 6

Nastarana (1879)  Once Blooming

Creamy white, small, semi double flowers in clusters

Very fragrant Shade tolerant

Grows to 15'

zones 6-10

Begins blooming late (around July) and continues till fall

Princess De Nassau (1835)

Cream flowers fade to white in long clusters of 5-30

Strong, musky scent

Grows to 9' repeats

zone 7

Reve d Or (1869)

Buff yellow blooms have 25-30 petals

Very fragrant

vigorous clmber to 12'

zones 7-9

William Allen Richardson (1878)

Orange apricot fading to creamy white in clusters of 5-20

moderate tea fragrance

Grows to about 13' very vigorous grower

blooms almost continuous

zone 7


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