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new year roseNew Year

The New Year rose, has three distinct colors within the beautiful blooms.

Crimson, yellow, and orange gently blend together, and look best when the flower is fully open.

The inner petals of this Grandiflora rose are pale orange, with darker under sides. The outer petals glow with crimson edges, and tend to roll down exposing the whole flower in a very pleasing effect.

The first blooms of the season usually come singly, and later they appear in clusters of up to five. The shapely florets have a light, pleasing, somewhat fruity fragrance.

Type Grandiflora Rose

Hybridizer McGredy, New Zealand 1983

Blooms Orange/Yellow blend Cluster-flowered Flowers are 4 ½”across, with 17-25 petals

Growth Habits Tall, Upright, Dense, Bushy grower, that can reach 3-4’tall by 2' wide

Foliage Dark green, glossy foliage

Fragrance Moderate, Fruity Fragrance

Awards AARS 1987

Hardy Zone zone 6

This Grandiflora rose bush is a very vigorous grower. The bush grows not only full, but very dense and compact.

It is mostly disease free, and has very attractive dark colored glossy foliage.

The beautiful, sweet scented flowers on New Year are produced prolifically, giving you lots of beautiful blooms.

Hot weather tends to make the blooms on this rose bush open quickly, but the bush is quick to repeat, giving you lots of flowers all season. The blooms appear in flushes throughout the growing season.

A charming rose to grow in your garden, this variety will add plenty of color all season. It looks great planted next to red, yellow or orange roses. Spikes of Blue Delphinium near by are perfect garden companions!

A climbing sport with 6-14 petals was discovered in the USA by Joe Burks of Texas.

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