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How are Rose Names Chosen?

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Ever thought about Who is responsible for Naming Roses?

How do they pick the rose names? The naming of the rose is entirely up to the breeder or (Hybridizer). This breeder is trying to market the new rose, and will use different techniques to help sell it.

The name of the rose can be the difference in a very popular well selling rose, and one that sells poorly.

Sometimes, when naming  a rose, they will choose a name that best describes it. If it has special attributes such as a wonderful fragrance, an unusual color, or other quality,it could be part of the name.

The breeder will often nickname their rose when they evaluate them, and the name will stick.

The name of a rose comes from one of four categories;

~ Descriptive ~ Complimentary  ~ Commemorative  ~ Commercial

A complimentary name to honor prominent people such as Presidents, their wives, actors, singers etc, etc... is commonly used when naming roses. The breeder might also use a commemorative  name in honor of famous events such as "Tournament of Roses", and holidays such as "Easter Morning" and "White Christmas", commemorating things of importance.

Take a look at this list of Roses names after famous people You'll be surprised at who's on the list!

The Perfect Flower Rose Names

When choosing a name for a rose,the breeder might also name a particular rose for a family member, just to honor them. The breeders wife, daughter, and even grandchildren could have a rose named for them.

A well know Hybridizer Sam McGredy IV actually named one of his roses "Hector Deane" who was the doctor who removed his tonsils.

When you look at the tag of a rose that might interest you, if you see the word "Fragrant" in the name, and you're looking for one with lots of scent, it just might help you decide.

Jackson and Perkins found this out when they first introduced a hybrid tea named "Jadis" that sold poorly until many years later they renamed it to "Fragrant Memory"

Since lots of roses are marketed "bare root" in a dormant state, there is nothing to "see" about the rose that might make you decide to buy it. A tag with an interesting name can make a big difference in the sale of the rose. Naming roses with a descriptive name about the color of the rose, its scent, or form might be a deciding factor.

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Not Smell as Sweet unknown author

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