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Using the names of Roses, you can search and find information on roses by name. You can see pictures of the rose, and get growing information on it. I research the specific rose, and share all I find about it with you so you can make the decision about growing it or not.

Wondering about a certain Rose?

Before you purchase a rose to plant in your garden, find out all you can about it. By the names of roses, these links will give you the information you need about a specific rose.

Learn :

* If it is Hardy to your area

* How Big it will get

* Disease Resistance

* What if any Fragrance it has

* What Variety it is

* What are its Growing Habits Does it climb, spread,etc.

* What color it is

* How often does it Flower

* What do the Blooms look like

The following lists roses by name, of some of the most popular roses. The list will continue to grow, so if you don't find the one you are looking for, check back, it may be added soon.

Note: The list of roses by names has grown to add a second page to this list. Roses are listed in order alphabetically.

Click on any of the names of roses links below to go to the page about that rose Some have links to purchase that rose.

Add a picture to the Names of Roses page

Help me give accurate information by adding your own comments about a particular rose, and picture (if you have one) Share your comments here.

Name of Rose

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About Face Rose

Abraham Darby Rose

Adam Rose

Adelaide Hoodless Rose

Agnes Rose

Aimee Vibert Rose

Alberic Barbier Rose

Albertine Rose


Alida Lovett Rose

Alister Stella Gray Rose

Aloha Rose

Altissimo Rose

Ambassador Rose

Amber Queen Rose

Ambridge Rose

America Climbing Rose

American Pillar Rose

Amy Grant Miniature Rose


Angel Face Rose


Apothecarys Rose

Apricot Nectar Rose

April Moon

Arizona Rose


Arthur Bell Rose

A Shropshire Lad

Astounding Glory

Autumn Sunset Rose


Baby Grand Miniature Rose

Baby Love Rose

Ballerina Rose

Baronne Prevost Rose

Beautiful Dreamer

Beauty Secret Miniature Rose

Behold Miniature Rose

Bees Knees Miniature Rose

Belindas Dream Rose

Belle de Crecy Rose

Belle Epoque Rose

Belle Poitevine Rose


Benjamin Britten Rose

Betty Boop Rose

Betty Prior


Bewitched Rose

Bill Warriner Rose

Black Baccara Rose

Black Jade Rose

Black Magic Rose

Blairii No 2

Blanc Double de Coubert Rose

Blaze Rose


Blueberry Hill Rose

Blue Girl Rose

Blue Moon Rose

Bonica Rose

Boogie Woogie Rose

Boscobel Rose


Brass Band Rose


Broadway Rose

Brother Cadfael

Buck Roses

Buffalo Gal

Buff Beauty Rose

Burgandy Iceberg Rose



Dancing Flame Miniature Rose

Darcey-Bussell Rose

Daring Spirit

Dark Desire

David Austin Roses

Debuntante Rose

Dick Clark Rose


Don Juan Rose

Double Delight Roses

Dublin Bay Rose,

Easter Basket

Easy Going Rose

Ebb Tide

Eden Rose

Eglantyne Rose

Elegant Lady Rose

Elle Rose

Electron Rose

Elina Rose


Europeana Rose

Eutin Rose

Evelyn Rose


Falstaff Rose

Fantin-Latour Rose

Fimbriata Rose

First Impression

First Light Rose

F J Grootendorst Rose

Flaming Peace

Flutterbye Rose

Fourth of July

Foxi Rose

Fragrant Cloud Rose


Francois Michelon

French Lace Rose

Friends Embrace

Garden Party Rose

George Burns Rose

Gemini Rose

Gentle Hermione

Geoff Hamilton

Gertrude Jekyll

Glamis Castle Rose

Gold-Glow Rose

Gold Medal Rose

Gold Struck

Golden Celebration Rose

Golden Showers Rose

Golden Unicorn Rose

Golden Wings Rose

Gourmet Popcorn

Grace Rose

Graham Thomas Rose

Grande Dame Rose

Grand Prize Rose

Green Ice Miniature Rose

Grace Rose



Hansa Rose

Happy Chappy

Happy Child Rose


Harlow Carr Rose

Harry Wheatcroft

Heart O Gold


Henri Martin

Henry Fonda

Henry Hudson Rose

Henry Kelsey Rose


Honey Bouquet

Honey Perfume

Hot Cocoa Rose

Hot Tamale Rose


Iceberg Rose

Intrigue Rose


Jacques Cartier Rose

James Galway

Jane Seymour


Jeanne Lajoie Rose

Joesphs Coat Rose

John Cabot Rose

John Davis Rose

John F Kennedy Rose

Jude-The-Obscure Rose

Judy Garland Rose

Julia Child Rose Bush

Just Joey Rose

Karl Forster

Kent Rose

Ketchup and Mustard Rose


Kiss of Desire

Knock out Rose

Koko Loko

Kristin Miniature Rose

La Belle Sultane Rose

Lady Banks Rose


Lady of Megginch Rose

Lady of Shallot Rose

Lady of the Dawn Rose

Lagerfeld Rose


Latest Flame

Lavender Dream Rose

Lavender Jewel Rose

Lavender Lace Miniature Rose

Lavender Lassie Rose

La Ville de Bruxelles Rose

L D Braithwaite Rose

Leda Rose

Lichfield Angel

Light My Fire Rose

Livin Easy

Louise Odier Rose

Love and Peace

Love Rose


Madame Alfred Carrier

Madame Hardy

Madame Issac Pereire

Madame Plantier

Mango Salsa Shrub Rose

Mardi Gras Rose

Maria Stern Rose

Marilyn Monroe Rose

Mary Magdalene Rose

Mary Rose

Medallion Rose

Memorial Day


Midas Touch Rose

Midnight Rose

Miss All American Beauty Rose

Miss Congeniality

Mister Lincoln Rose

Modern Blush Rose

Modern Fireglow

Molineux Rose


Moonlight Magic Rose

Morden Ruby

Morning Blush

Munstead Wood Rose

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