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Names of Roses page 2 is page 2 of useful information about roses. Search for roses using their names. This page is for roses names beginning with the letter N through the letter Z.

You can search this list of rose names, and find all the information you are searching for about that rose. It is helpful before purchasing a rose for your garden.

You can find out if it is hardy to your planting zone,who the hybridizer was, what color it is, what size it will get, if it has fragrance, what the blooms are like, it's disease resistance, and lots more important information.

Maybe you have an area of the garden that you would like a fragrant rose, or a climber, you can find out if a specific rose will work for you!

It's always a good idea to do a bit of research about a rose before you buy it to plant in your garden.

If you are unsure of the size or blooming habits, you could be very disappointed when it doesn't live up to your expectations.

Researching by names of roses helps you to avoid mistakes by planting the wrong rose.

Many times I've spotted a rose that I fall in love with at a public rose garden, only to find out it's a Hybrid Tea rose that is not hardy to my zone, and I can't grow it because it won't survive my harsh zone 5 winters! (Better to find out before I purchase and plant it)! Scroll down the ever-growing list of roses in alphabetical order as I search out this information for you, and learn more about it from this list of names of roses page 2...

Name of Rose

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Neil Diamond

New Dawn Rose

New Year Rose

New Zealand Rose



Old Blush Rose

Olivia Rose Austin

Olympiad Rose

Opening Night Rose

Orange Impressionist Rose

Oregold Rose

Oso Easy Mango Salsa

Oso Easy Paprika Shrub rose

Outta The Blue Rose




Passionate Kisses Rose

Pat Austin Rose

Paul Neyron Rose

Peace Rose

Penelope Rose

Perfect Moment

Perfume Delight

Petal Pushers Rose

Phyllis Bide

Piccadilly Rose

Pink Bells Rose

Pink Meidiland Rose

Pink Peace

Pink Promise


Polar Star Rose


Portrait Rose


Pretty Lady Rose

Princess Anne Rose


Pure Posh

Purple Splash Rose

Purple Tiger Rose


Queen Elizabeth

Queen Of Sweden Rose


Rainbows End Miniature Rose

Rainbow Sorbet Rose

Ralph Moore Miniature Rose

Red Cascade Rose

Rhode Island Red Climbing Rose

Rio Samba

Rock n Roll Rose

Rosa Mundi

Rose De Rescht Rose

Rose Gaujard

Rotes Meer Rose

Royal Highness Rose

Royal Welcome

Ruby Pendant


Sally Holmes




Seven Sisters

Sevillana Rose

Scent From Above



Shocking Blue Rose

Simplicity Rose

Sister Elizabeth

Sharifa Asma Rose

Sheer Magic


Skylark Rose

Soft Whisper

Sombreuil Rose

Sonia Rose

Sophys Rose


Stanwell Perpetual

St Cecilia Rose

Stormy Weather Rose

St Patrick

St Swithun Rose

Sugar Plum

Summer Nights Rose

Summer Surprise Rose


Sunny Days Rose



Super Dorothy

Sutters Gold

Sweet Intoxication


Tamora Rose

Tam O Shanter

Tea Clipper

Teasing Georgia Rose

Tess-of-The-d-Urbervilles Rose

The-Alexander Rose

The Alnwick Rose

The Countryman Rose

The Fairy Rose

The Generous Gardener Rose

The Ingenious Mr Fairchild Rose

The Lady Gardener

The Lady of the Lake Rose

The Mayflower Rose

The Pilgrim Rose

The Poets Wife Rose

The Prince Rose

Therese Bugnet Rose

The Wedgewood Rose

Tiffany Rose

Topaz Jewel Rose

Touch of Class Rose

Tournament Of Roses Rose


Travemunde Rose


Tuscan Sun Rose

Tuscany Rose


Valentine Heart Rose

Veilchenblau Rose

Voodoo Rose


Waiheke Rose

Wedding Dress Rose

Wedding Party Rose

Westerland Rose

What a Peach Rose

Whisky Mac Rose

Wild Blue Yonder

Wildeve Rose

William Baffin Rose

William Lobb Rose

Winchester Cathedral




X Rated Miniature Rose

Yabba Dabba Do

Young Lycidas

Zephrin Drouhin

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